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OZ Pioneers a Unique “Social Audio Platform” Set to Revolutionize Social Media & Nurture True Community

OZ Pioneers

The Catalyst The age of social media and podcasts fosters relationships with prominent entrepreneurs and influencers that feel closer and more intimate than ever—and consumers want to deepen and personalize those connections even further. The Challenge Current interfaces are inadequate to meet consumers evolving desires in this realm and true one-on-one connection remains difficult and […]

Elevating Customer Experience with a Suite of Mobile Apps

Customer Experience with a Mobile App

A large Cruise Line wants to enhance its guests’ Customer Experience (CX) by providing a seamless way to order and receive food and drink. OZ is digitally transforming its ordering process for its guests while streamlining back-end staff operations. OZ is building a suite of mobile “interaction” apps for passengers, servers, and preparers utilizing Design […]

Elevating Customer Experience With a POS Integration App

Cruise Line Automation

A large cruise line company wishes to provide an exceptional Customer Experience (CX) that will be enjoyable and memorable to more guests by opening up its private island to multiple ships. To expand the island to more guests and capitalize on revenue, the client wants to accommodate multiple ships docking on the island at once, […]