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OpenAI vs. Azure Open AI—Is There a Difference?

— By Jason Milgram, Senior Vice President, Azure Leader We already know that OpenAI’s bots can pass the bar exam without going to law school, ace AP Biology, and tell kids bedtime stories they want to hear. But did you know you can now do more with OpenAI—integrate AI-driven insights, automation, and conversational capabilities into your applications, products, and […]

Microsoft Azure Cloud Radically Improves Performance – OZ Migrates Applications

Oz Digital Consulting Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration

Our client had developed an eCommerce platform that allows its customers to search for background information on Latin American residents during official background checks. The application database contains over 36 million rows of information, which made the performance of the search function extremely slow – taking several minutes to perform a single search. OZ was […]

OZ Vaults AHHC Into the Cloud

Health Care Automation

Alternative Home Health Care (AHHC), which provides in-home care services to the elderly and patients with medical needs, was hampered by its legacy workflow. This company needed an end-to-end enterprise system that tracks every step of this process and seamlessly integrates payroll and accounting, including invoicing and caregiver payments. AHHC also required a web-based portal […]