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Microsoft Azure Cloud Radically Improves Performance – OZ Migrates Applications

Oz Digital Consulting Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration

Our client had developed an eCommerce platform that allows its customers to search for background information on Latin American residents during official background checks. The application database contains over 36 million rows of information, which made the performance of the search function extremely slow – taking several minutes to perform a single search.

OZ was engaged to improve the performance, security, and scalability of the eCommerce application, allowing customers to search for and obtain information more quickly and securely. OZ migrated the eCommerce solution to the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform for secure easy management, and to reduce the infrastructure maintenance cost. As a result of the optimization and cloud migration services, the search performance improved so substantially that results are returned within seconds.

Microsoft Azure Client Overview

The client develops tools that provide an extra layer of security and background checks for companies around the world. The client provides access to information across a variety of regulated sectors to quickly and accurately identify and verify companies and individuals during client onboarding.

eCommerce Business Needs

Our client’s eCommerce application database had over 36 million rows of information, which made the performance of the search function extremely slow. Speed was inconsistent and it would sometimes take minutes for users to receive search results. Additionally, the on-premise environment led to a myriad of maintenance issues necessitating highly technical internal resources to troubleshoot.

What this client needed was a deep dive into their codebase to analyze and optimize the performance of their current tools and technologies while pinpointing areas for reducing management and maintenance costs. Finally, our client needed a partner that could migrate the applications to the Azure Cloud Cloud Platform while improving the overall performance, security, and on-demand scalability of the application.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

To understand the existing environment of our client, OZ first analyzed the application code and application database to identify the root causes of poor performance. OZ then re-architected the platform and developed the business case and ROI of a migration path to the Azure Cloud. OZ securely migrated the client’s eCommerce application and underlying to the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. This required implementation on both the front-end eCommerce website and the backend database.

OZ then designed and configured a new Search Rank, which boosted the performance of their database by prioritizing tables to search based on the user input. Also, modification of their underlying codebase was optimized for Azure and leveraged the on-demand scalability of the application, thus reducing the need for constant maintenance and creating a 24/7 resources availability to scale up or down based on usage load. Additionally, OZ created a subscription-based model where the customer search is associated with a paid user license.

Automation Migration Results

  • eCommerce platform and database is completely migrated to Azure Cloud while being securely managed.
  • Infrastructure and maintenance costs are reduced, and the platform is easily scalable.
  • The search rank performance improved to return results within seconds, rather than minutes.
  • Our client can create paid subscriptions and licenses easily, which are associated with users – increasing revenue.
  • Our client can change or update subscriptions without interrupting the logged-in users.
  • The platform will now notify users if the license limit has been exceeded and prompts a retry message in seconds.