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Global Digital Technology Lead


OZ is looking for a passionate digital technologist consultant to be the Technology Lead for our Global Design Thinking practice, which spans from Strategy through Implementation. You will oversee the overall technology direction of the global practice team and help guide the team’s on-going growth as digital technology leaders. You should have a good grasp of SOLID principles and Domain Driven design and creating Agile based, design thinking and user focused solutions. You will help bridge the gap between business, strategy and technology and should be able to work within a wide variety of codebases.

You will be required to rapidly analyze codebases and determine the rigidity of the existing code and guide the engagement teams how to improve on a consistent basis. As well, you will provide guidance to other technology implementation team members on best practices, new trends, approaches, and up-and-coming technologies. You will also need to help contribute to a core set of libraries to assist in the acceleration of development for our clients. You are still hands-on and should still enjoy creating code. Previous large consulting firm experience is definitely a plus for this role.


  • Concepts
    • Certified Scrum Profession (CSP)
    • Good understanding of SOLID principles.
    • Good understanding of Domain Driven Design.
    • Ability to pick up and learn new codebases quickly
    • Passionate for technology and trying new things.
    • Ability to bridge the gap between business, strategy, and technology.
    • Solid understanding of data structures & how to model processes.
  • Stack
    • Backend
      • RESTful API Frameworks
        • .Net Core WebAPI, Spring Boot, etc.
      • Relational Database Systems
        • SQL Server, MySql, etc.
      • Non-relational Database Systems
        • MongoDB, CouchDB, etc.
      • Decentralized Caching
        • Redis, Memcached, etc.
    • Frontend
      • SPA Frameworks
        • React, Angular 2+, etc
      • Standard-Operating-Procedure Frameworks
        • JQuery, etc.
      • Styling Preprocessors
        • SASS, LESS, etc.
    • Mobile development
      • Hybrid mobile development
        • React native, Ionic framework, etc
    • Infrastructure
      • Application Hosting
        • Azure App Services, Azure Virtual Machines, etc.
      • Databases/Storage
      • Azure Storage, Azure SQL Server, CosmosDB, etc.

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