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Data Services and Analytics Provides a Clear View of Data and Ultimately, Increased Revenue for Busy Airports

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A prestigious airport in the US was floating in a sea of data that needed to be integrated, unlocked, analyzed and acted upon. They knew they were leaving revenue on the table.
They engaged OZ to unlock and organize their data, which was done via Data Services and Analytics.
OZ created 50 dashboards providing actionable data and revenue models, which were critical to proactive decision making – the key result being a better understanding of their business, and increased revenue for the airport.

Client overview:
A prestigious Airport company that accommodates the needs of 24.6 million annual passengers while tending to the general aviation community throughout South Florida.

Business needs:
This client desired a new way to organize and automate their multiple streams of information to view their data holistically. Between parking, billing, sales, and passenger information, their skilled analysts were immersed with disparate data, creating the challenge of analyzing and using the data for business insights.
Spending unnecessary time navigating through large amounts of data rather than analyzing it for valuable insights, they were losing out on unrealized revenue. What was needed was a Data Services and Analytics solution to organize their operational data and provide administered access to the information within their systems. They needed to organize and present the insights of each function and department, individually and holistically.

How OZ helped:
OZ standardized data to uncover and present insights for each business function and department. By implementing a solution which migrates operational data into dimensional models containing timely and curated information, The Client was now able to unlock critical insights from their data. Keeping Customer Experience (CX) top of mind, employees were empowered to drive impactful business decisions quicker and more efficiently than ever before, via the new intuitive and guided platform.
The information was deployed amongst three different data models:
1. Statistical model for gross sales and passenger information
2. Billing transaction model for accounting
3. Parking model for the parking department

After the data was deployed, OZ integrated and produced over 50 dashboards, enabling the review and management of business operations to optimize pricing structures.

Business Outcomes & ROI:
This new solution was able to unleash key data and re-analyze the transactions and revenue from both short-term and long-term parking.
• Analytics tools were holistically integrated and streamlined to provide insights which led to critical decisions on the rate structure and current parking pricing.
• The can analyze business concessions, gross sales, calculate revenue, and track aging reports every morning as opposed to days or weeks, automating and proactively optimizing financial performance.