Depo AI

Actionable insights to fight nuclear verdicts

The Challenge: Provide a cost-effective expert witness AI tool that allows users to prepare for trial by obtaining testimony from a pool of previous depositions

The OZ Solution

depo AI maps the expert’s position(s) so you can easily identity patterns in prior testimony

• Reduce legal costs by 80% while eliminating the need to find and evaluate your own expert

• Supplement your experience by researching an opposing expert to cross-examine & impeach

• Prevent being caught off guard by unexpected opposing expert testimony

Use Case: Expert Witness

• Deposition preparation

• Deposition assistance

• Trial preparation

• Expert witness AI tool

• Nuclear verdicts

Why Now?

• Carriers need to share data to have the “full picture”

• Plaintiff bar is more organized than ever and spends over $1B/year advertising

• Need to combat nuclear verdicts and social inflation

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