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OZ provides mobile Analytical & AI solutions that transform your customers' experience, unlock insightful insights, and drive powerful business outcomes.

Determine your next best action, identify new revenue streams, manage cost and risk to drive profitable growth.

Apply AI for you to think as one with Machine Learning, Adaptive Algorithm and Natural Language Processing to unleash analytics to the next dimension.


Our innovative predictive and prescriptive analytical solutions provide insights that are disrupting everything, from how companies use information to create competitive advantages, optimize day-to-day business processes, and transform their customers' experience. They include the autonomous investigation of data using advanced techniques and tools.

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Artificial Intelligence

We leverage the power of machine learning, natural language processing, adaptive algorithms and hybrid integration to deliver smart solutions that disrupt existing business paradigms for better results. They enable your business to break prevailing trade-offs between speed, cost and quality.

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Big Data

We use advanced  analytic and cloud based, data integration technologies against very large, high-velocity and diverse  data sets from different sources across the IoT landscape. We apply innovative forms of information processing that enable enhanced insight, decision making, and process automation.

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Data Services

Chances are your business needs require real time access to very diverse data from a heterogeneous landscape. Our services allow you to integrate, transform and provide access to all your data assets for real time innovation

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Data Management

We help enable enterprise agreement around practices, governance processes, techniques and tools to ensure uniformity, accuracy and semantic consistency of all data assets.

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Data Warehouse

We deliver large-scale DW/BI solutions that allow you to integrate, standardize and deliver enterprise data from multiple sources. These support your strategic, tactical and operational reporting as well as other descriptive analytical business needs.

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Sal Cardozo

Vice President of Consulting, Analytics & AI

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