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Cloud Services

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Cloud Services

We help our clients adopt the cloud, from architecture and migration planning services to development and hosting services. When it comes to cloud technologies, we are experts in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. No matter your technology preferences we have you covered. We focus on making your cloud secure, with the resources optimized to make it high performing, interoperable, efficient and available 24/7 with next to zero latency.

Our architects, designers and developers are proficient across three primary cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. We provide hosting and managed services for both AWS and Azure. We understand how to properly migrate applications to these platforms, as well as develop new applications and provide holistic hosting services and full turnkey managed services.

Cybersecurity is by far the number-one concern for companies looking to adopt cloud services. The thought of transitioning from dedicated and locked-down in-house servers, storage and applications to the ubiquitous cloud can make even the calmest professionals run for the hills.

Using our cloud assessment, planning, design, migration and development services, we firmly position data security, privacy and regulatory compliance at the center of our approach and architecture. We ensure your data is only visible to authorized users, is shared with your other cloud applications via data cell level security access, and adheres to all applicable regulatory requirements.

How often do you see a “high-performance cloud” and an “efficient cloud” mentioned together? OZ’s smart cloud architecture means that your solutions are cost effective and efficient by ensuring that it is not built with resources that go unused. We also ensure that our cloud solutions are flexible enough that high-availability applications have the required resource capacity to switch without performance degradation.

Interoperability is critical as you migrate or develop applications on the cloud. Your e-commence app needs to talk with your CRM app. Your email and HR platforms need to communicate with your active directory. Your ERP app needs to work seamlessly with your online ordering app. Your apps with different resource allocation and security protocols need to exchange data with no loss of quality.

Designing this correctly is critical to a cloud migration or development and requires a full mapping of cross-app processes, data exchanges, security, resources and availability. This is all part of OZ’s smart cloud services.

24/7 availability and next to zero latency - important claims that enable a cloud platform to deliver a great customer experience (CX). Just ask Netflix – hosted on AWS - whose CX and revenue lives and dies on being available 24/7 with little to no cloud latency.

No matter what your business requires, we understand how to design the best solution for your performance needs.