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Design Thinking

Digital Design for Pioneers

Customer Experience (CX) is your new brand

89% of companies compete on the basis of Customer Experience

80% of companies believe they deliver superior experiences

Only 8% of their customers agree

CX leaders revenue is growing 14% higher than laggards


OZ takes a Design Thinking approach that aligns our clients’ businesses with their customers, and the experiences they demand.

The entire customer experience is re-imagined for the modern and mobile digital world.

Customer Experience is everything. In fact, a Customer’s Experience at that particular moment in time is everything to that customer.

And their expectations of the experience you provide are being set by companies that aren’t even your competitors.

So, what are you doing about it? How are you competing?

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By aligning your organizational goals and strategies, and your digital solutions with your customer engagement programs, you get to keep your existing customers and attract new ones.

Don’t you require more from the companies you do business with? Why wouldn’t your customers demand more from you?

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Because everything has changed.

And standing still is not an option

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Murray Izenwasser

Vice President of Consulting, Design Thinking

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