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OZ Vaults AHHC Into the Cloud

Health Care Automation

Alternative Home Health Care (AHHC), which provides in-home care services to the elderly and patients with medical needs, was hampered by its legacy workflow. This company needed an end-to-end enterprise system that tracks every step of this process and seamlessly integrates payroll and accounting, including invoicing and caregiver payments. AHHC also required a web-based portal to enable monitoring by call center employees, and a management dashboard provides intelligence on system-wide operations.

Health Care Client Overview

Alternative Home Health Care is a health care service provider that serves Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties in Florida. Their agency-based model pairs clients with qualified caregivers who provide a range of in-home care, from companionship to personal care tasks such as light housekeeping and meal preparation.

AHHC Business Needs

Alternative Home Health Care is committed to improving the lives of patients who require in-home assistance. This Florida-based company networks clients with qualified caregivers, increasing their in-home care choices. But the complex process of sourcing home caregivers, matching them with clients, and scheduling care was being hampered by an inefficient legacy system. Call center employees were required to assist clients and caregivers with each step from sign-up to invoicing. Naturally, this was time-consuming and frustrating. It made scheduling changes difficult and caused billing inaccuracies.

How OZ helped

Alternative Home Health Care now has a beautiful custom mobile application that puts the agency back in the hands of partners on both sides of the home health care model. Caregivers and clients can move easily through every step of the process, including registration, the search for a match, presentation of caregiver pricing/quotes, and scheduling. A web portal allows for active management as necessary by call center employees. And a complete enterprise system has streamlined Alternative Home Health Care’s operations from intake to invoice.

Business Automation Outcomes

  • Caregivers and patients can register online.
  • Patients can create profiles to specify their needs.
  • Caregivers can search for a client whose profile matches their skills.
  • The system tracks scheduling conflicts.
  • Schedule changes can be made on the app (no third party needed).
  • The system is now easily scalable even if the company grows to many times its current size.
  • Invoicing is simpler and more accurate.

Alternative Home Health Care’s new app removes the barriers between clients and caregivers and puts control of their schedules back in their hands. Employees can focus on higher-level tasks, and the web portal enables them to step in to help at any time. And without the inaccuracies caused by paper records, there’s less troubleshooting to do.