Underwriting Innovation – November 9-10

Mark Smith

President, Global Insurance Practice


Doug Cohen

Chief Revenue Officer


What: Underwriting Innovation USA
When: November 9-10
Where: Chicago, Illinois

Underwriting Innovation USA unites more chief underwriting officers, and senior industry experts, coming from leading carriers to showcase pioneering use cases for emerging technologies, tools, and techniques across the underwriting ecosystem.

During the event, OZ team members will meet with other insurance practitioners and discuss advances in the ever-growing industry.

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Come see Mark Smith speak on a panel discussion at the event on Day 1!

Topic: Transform Underwriting Capability With Data-Driven Decision-Making and Truly Leverage Real-Time Data For Meaningful Business Value


  • Better understand risk through real-time data: Discuss how data from sensors, satellites and drones can optimise the underwriting process by reducing the time spent researching risk and increasing time spent reducing loss ratios
  • Recognise how to leverage data science and advanced data analytics to radicalise the underwriting process, gain portfolio insights and improve underwriting productivity in a hard market
  • Discover how real-time data enhances understanding of customer insights, allowing underwriters to develop unique products with more accurate and dynamic pricing, ultimately improving the customer service journey
  • Identify the role of real-time data in supporting underwriters with real-time awareness of their unique and personalised metrics helping to improve underwriting performance

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