CX Will Guide the Future of Technology

Understanding your Customers’ Experiences (CX) informs the technology used in your organization. Your success is dependent on having the best infrastructure, software, and tools to enable your team’s work. Our high-tech digital consulting is the fuel to get you there.

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People Remember the Experience, Not the Technology

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around.”

— Steve Jobs

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High-Tech Consulting Services For CX That Makes a Lasting Impact

We used to think of technology as the solution, rather than the enabler. More memory, more speed, more storage — this was how we measured progress. That is until Apple visionary Steve Jobs forced a paradigm shift, making the customer’s experience the end goal, with technology playing a supporting role.

Without this fundamental customer experience shift, we would all be using an iteration of the Blackberry today rather than the CX reimagined iPhone. And, we would be stuffing our devices with gigabytes worth of photos and videos rather than easily storing and retrieving them from the cloud. Your need to create these innovations in product and functionality are the bedrock of our high-tech consulting. Our strategies free up your team’s time and energy so they can focus on your business and developing more seamless, connected and integrated experiences for your customers.

Your success is dependent on having the best infrastructure, software and tools to enable your team’s work. Our high-tech digital consulting is the fuel to get you there. After all, we understand that today’s technology companies face a number of new challenges that can steer internal teams off course. Data governance, security and privacy considerations can hamper innovation. An ever-growing number of users and Internet of Things (IoT) devices produce mountains of data to sift through, manage and leverage. And existing cloud networks may not be well-equipped to handle all that data. These concerns can siphon resources and attention from the core deliverable: excellent CX enabled by a host of exciting new tools.

High-tech is measured by customer experience and not technology. The next step in high-tech customer experience is to leverage augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and IoT, in a meaningful and impactful way to enable the next level of CX.

Unlock the Power of Digital Innovation

OZ’s consulting services for the high-tech industry allow businesses to focus on customers by building seamless, scalable back-end systems, including stable and secure cloud infrastructure. Companies can then focus on unlocking the value of CX-enhancing technologies.

Our specialists in AR and virtual reality (VR) build apps that increase the value of devices by enabling customers to research and “try” products before buying them and to access manuals and FAQs post-purchase.

We design ecosystems comprising sensors and IoT devices allowing companies to identify and troubleshoot problems. In conjunction with Artificial intelligence (AI), data can be analyzed to reveal insights into everything from maintenance schedules to user behavior.

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Key Digital Technologies Used

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Big Data
  • Augmented (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Analytics & AI
  • Cloud Services
  • Facial Recognition & Biometrics

High-tech companies are busy solving the world’s biggest problems. OZ’s consultants are working behind the scenes to help them do it.

OZ - Did you know?

“A good customer experience means your customers spend more. 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a Great Customer Experience”

- Source: Temkin Group + Qualtrics

Sal Cardozo

Sal Cardozo is OZ's VP of Consulting, Analytics & AI. He has extensive experience in the vision, strategy, architecture, delivery and support of innovative and scalable analytics, AI and IoT solutions that transform the customer experience.

Prior to OZ, Sal led consulting efforts for Accenture, Cambridge Technology Partners, and Capgemini. He recently held leadership positions at ADT and Ryder. Sal earned his B.S. in computer systems and economics from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and is a member of TDWI and DAMA International.

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