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Financial Services

Superior Customer Experience is Fiscally Responsible



Just 20 years ago

bank customers knew their bank manager on a one-to-one basis. They had to. Bank accounts would be open in person at their branch, cash and checks deposited in person, loan and bankcards decisions were made by their bank manager. Property, car and life insurance were all bought in person through a broker and shares and bonds were traded through an intermediary.

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A transformation

took place. Accounts, credit cards and loans – including mortgages - are opened and approved online, checks are deposited via your bank phone app and money can be transferred by numerous apps. Cross-selling on financial products is ubiquitous. Insurances are quickly selected and purchased online. Stocks and shares are bought and sold by the actual customers or machines leveraging AI algorithms. 401Ks are monitored daily.

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Our Point

of View

The next step in the Financial Services CX is increased personalization and converging customers financial interests into wealth management for all. RPA will drive operational efficiencies while AI will drive enhanced risk management and personalization of services.

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This is the new Customer Experience.

This is CXnew

At OZ we are passionate about helping you transition from your old business model to the CXnew.

We do this through helping you Design Digital Customer Experience Services and Solutions by leveraging Design Thinking, Designed for Mobile and embedded Agile approach. You get these Digital Customer Experience Services and Solutions leveraging our Digital Building Blocks:

OZ Labs offers a creative, hands-on, exploratory environment that allows you to experiment with RPA, IoT, and Analytics and AI, all wrapped in a Design Thinking approach.

Murray Izenwasser

Vice President of Consulting, Design Thinking Lead

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