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High Tech

Landing on the Moon was the Experience

That Tech is now Obsolete

We Remember the Experience not the Technology



was once thought to be the solution rather than an enabler. Progress was measured in the improvement of memory, speed, storage and size. This was High Tech.

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through their visionary leader Steve Jobs, totally refocused the conversation 20 years ago when, in a answer to a question about the speed of code, he pivoted to pronouncing that you start with the Customer Experience and work back to the technology not the other way round. Without this fundamental shift we would be using an iteration of the Blackberry today rather than the CX reimagined iPhone.

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Our Point

of View

CX is it!

High Tech is measured by the Customer Experience not Technology. The emotion, the engagement, the immersion not the technological advancements of hardware or code. The next step in the High Tech Customer Experience is to leverage Augmented Reality, IoT and AI in human, meaningful and impactful ways to enable a new level of CX.

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This is the new Customer Experience.

This is CXnew

At OZ we are passionate about helping you transition from your old business model to the CXnew.

We do this through helping you Design Digital Customer Experience Services and Solutions by leveraging Design Thinking, Designed for Mobile and embedded Agile approach. You get these Digital Customer Experience Services and Solutions leveraging our Digital Building Blocks:

OZ Labs offers a creative, hands-on, exploratory environment that allows you to experiment with RPA, IoT, and Analytics and AI, all wrapped in a Design Thinking approach.

Sal Cardozo

Vice President of Consulting, Analytics & AI Lead

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