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Your Patients Are No Longer Patient

Patient Experience is the Remedy

Your Patients Are No Longer Patient

Patient Experience is the Remedy



In the past

if you were a Biopharma or Biotech company, you were used to pushing your pill, injectable or device to the physician provider while offering rebate discounts to Payers to ensure coverage and formulary status on their Plans. If you were a physician, your patients waited patiently at your practice to receive your medical consultation and prescription for an ailment. If you were a Payer, you focused on covered patients and calculated cohorts costs of treating a range of ailments and diseases. Pricing was opaque, patient data was in short-supply, and healthcare was reactive.

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The shift

to Patient Experience has been fast and unrelenting. It has been driven by digital disruption enabling patient empowerment via the likes of ‘Dr. Google’ self diagnosing, M-health wearables and patient data apps.

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Our Point


of View

This has ushered in

a new era of Healthcare and Life Sciences where the emphasis shifted to a Patient Centric model that focuses on innovation, collaborative partnerships, greater transparency and real-world evidence (RWE) data and insights driving value-based care, preventative care and wellness

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This is the new Customer Experience.

This is CXnew

At OZ we are passionate about helping you transition from your old business model to the CXnew.

We do this through helping you Design Digital Customer Experience Services and Solutions by leveraging Design Thinking, Designed for Mobile and embedded Agile approach. You get these Digital Customer Experience Services and Solutions leveraging our Digital Building Blocks:

OZ Labs offers a creative, hands-on, exploratory environment that allows you to experiment with RPA, IoT, and Analytics and AI, all wrapped in a Design Thinking approach.

Ric Cavieres

Executive Vice President, Markets and Consulting

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