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Retail and Consumer Products

Customer Experience Consumes Bricks and Mortar



Just 20 years ago

consumers bought goods exclusively at Brick and Mortar retailers. Choice was limited to the four walls. Finding the lowest price, for a given product, was difficult and time consuming. Mega-malls sprung up to try and help address these issues but instead drove a customer experience of bewilderment and fatigue.

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The Internet

and companies such as Amazon have transformed the way we shop. They have transformed our expectations. They have revolutionized the Customer Experience. We now take for given the ability to shop and buy millions of products in a single market place, with crowd-sourced product rating, easy price comparisons, additional products you might want, recurring subscriptions and seamless overnight delivery to our door. And now you can do all of this via Voice utilizing an array of IoT devices such as Alexa and Google Home.

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Our Point

of View

The next frontier

in the Retail and Consumer Goods arena will be Augmented Reality(AR). Providing the ability to try on apparel and see how it looks and fits, placing furniture in 3D in your living room and taking your new car for a virtual test drive.

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This is the new Customer Experience.

This is CXnew

At OZ we are passionate about helping you transition from your old business model to the CXnew.

We do this through helping you Design Digital Customer Experience Services and Solutions by leveraging Design Thinking, Designed for Mobile and embedded Agile approach. You get these Digital Customer Experience Services and Solutions leveraging our Digital Building Blocks:

OZ Labs offers a creative, hands-on, exploratory environment that allows you to experiment with RPA, IoT, and Analytics and AI, all wrapped in a Design Thinking approach.

Ed Kirchmier

Vice President of Consulting, Retail & Consumer Products Lead

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