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Innovation Sprints

Helping you remove the marble

The Innovation Sprint is our Design Sprint session where we help you uncover the solutions within your company. Through it, we help you remove the marble to get to the statue that you always knew was there.
In the Innovation Sprint, we quickly get beyond ‘presumed needs’ to get to your ‘real needs’. Our facilitators and industry experts bring a mix of technical and entrepreneurial experience to challenge the biases that typically limit solution approaches.

Day 1

10 AM to 5 PM

20-30 minutes

We will categorize the HMW, then vote on them to see which ones are deemed more relevant.
We will end this session by prioritizing what we will work on the rest of the week.

Break 10 minutes
Long term goal (2 years)
5 minutes

Every team member will write down what they perceive to be the goal in 2 years.
Every team member wi read it out loud and place it on the wall.
We will vote on them

What could stop us from reaching the goal?
5-10 minutes

Each team member writes down 2-3 reasons why goal may not be reached or 2 to 3 challenges to reaching them.
We will vote on them.

46 minutes

We will map out the potential solutions at a very high level.
We will list the "actors" (those who interact with the product / service).
We will list the "How's" and the "What's"
- How do they discover what we are proposing?
- How do they get trained on it?
- How do they use it?
- What do we want them to get from it?
We will place the HMW cards on the map and see how they duster. This vin give us the target' of the sprint".

Lunch Break 1 hour
Lightning Demos 4 hours
Research 26 minutes

What is the BIG IDEA?
What are the man features?
Each team member will come up with 3 examples of their potential solution.
We will discuss each example (the owner of the example presents it).
We will write down the big ideas. their features and place them on the wall.

END OF DAY: We have a very valid picture of what we want to focus on.

Day 2

10 AM to 5 PM

Heat Map
20 minutes

Every team member veil place 'dots" on each of the big ideas and features. This will visually create a set of 'hear areas (the more dots, the hotter). There vial be no discus-sion. If questions, we write them down on Post-Its and place them under the concepts on the board.
Every team member will read over every big idea one at a time, its features and the questions.

Solution Presentation
1 hour

The owner of the big idea will present the concept to all of us.
We will have a Q&A session.
We will modify/enhance the concept with any suggestions

Break 10 minutes
Straw poll 5 minutes

Each Warn member makes a final vote.
Each will present why the chose this concept (1 minute)

Super Vote 10 minutes

The decider will do one of the following:
- Choose a whole concept.
- Choose a concept AND a feature to focus on.
- Choose 2 concepts

Lunch break 1 hour
User test flow

Use the chosen big idea and its features.
Every team member will write down 6 action steps to get to the goal.
Each set of action steps will be placed as a row on the board.
We will vote on the row we feel best solves the process.

2-3 hours

We will draw the solution, leaving no open questions.
We will keep it to the most important parts.
We will NOT add new big ideas".
We will base the storyboard on the chosen big ideas /concept. and we will revise it with improvements / suggestions from all the team members

Day 3

10 AM to 5 PM

All Day

Using an isolated room (few distraction) we will use the storyboard from Day 2, and we will prioritize what we want to prototype.
We will focus on the important features.

Lunch Break 1 hour
Prototyping Continued

We will have other team members (not in the room) come in to give feedback (can call the experts we had on Day 1, plus others)
At the end, we will have a prototype, with main features, product lines, users, and possibilities that we can now use to test with real users.

Day 4

10 AM to 5 PM

User Testing
4 Hours

There will be 2 people conducting the test:
- The interviewer
- The note taker
The note taker will write down the positive and the negatives as relayed to the team by the tester(s).

Lunch Break 1 Hour
User Testing continued

The process will focus on gaining feedback from the other users on:
- Overall concept (we should have a tester for each "actor" in the process).
- Implications / usage / adoption challenges.
- Overall value to the user and to the companies involved

2 Hours

We will use this 2 hours to gather all the findings, notes, etc. to produce a final "Product Roadmap" that well be used to prioritize the execution.

At the end of the workflow, we will deliver the fully featured solution roadmap as agreed to by the Client. We will then provide an Implementation Team Proposal.

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