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Data Services/IA Based “Automation Engine” reduces cancer medicine approval time from days to minutes – revolutionizes oncology healthcare treatment


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Oncology Analytics’ treatment approval process needed modernization to allow insurance claims to be processed with greater speed and accuracy.
Manual processes required automation to meet compliance goals for insurance provider medication approval for cancer patients.
Using Data Services, IA and Analytics, OZ built a centralized web-based application with an automation engine for Oncology Analytics.
Cancer treatment medication review and approval time was reduced from days to minutes, vastly improving the Patient Experience.

Client overview:

Oncology Analytics is a leading SaaS company providing health plans, providers, and patients with an evidence-based, analytics focused approach to utilization management that is purpose-built for oncology.

Business needs:

Oncology Analytics was expanding faster than their internal software could handle. Built on seven disparate systems, the software became slow, prone to breakdowns, and users were required to switch between various systems to see relevant electronic health records (EHR) and claims information on individual cases. Users were having to input activities manually, which was time-consuming and significantly increased the potential for errors. Ultimately, the cumbersome system and manual processes were leading to longer approval times for patient cancer treatment.

How OZ helped:

OZ assessed Oncology Analytics’ existing business processes and software infrastructure with the goal of developing a centralized web-based application for processing cases. The new application was an opportunity to address problems with the existing system and enable a host of features to improve Oncology Analytics’ offerings. This provided an enhanced Customer Experience (CX) for employees and the physicians they serve. With an Agile approach, a custom, highly dependable web-based application and Automation Engine was developed. Utilizing Data Services, Analytics and Intelligent Automation (IA) tools, OZ successfully eliminated the need for multiple systems. A new UI/UX design improved the physician/provider experience, including a real-time dashboard and link to its Availity system used for claims and payment processing. This integration enabled access to up-to date eligibility information. The new dashboard also provides an enhanced CX for all the users, because all correspondence is now stored in a single, easy-to-access location. A similar dashboard was designed for Oncology Analytics’ internal users to monitor case progress.

Business Outcomes & ROI:

The new robust solution increases data accuracy, provides stronger data security, and satisfies audit and compliance requirements. Most importantly, improving overall quality and speed of cancer treatments improved patients’ care driving a much-enhanced Patient Experience.
Additional outcomes:
• Productivity increased by 100%, doubling the amount of cases processed per day.
• Notification of a new case or medical record arrives fully automated and processing time was reduced from 30 minutes to 5 minutes.
• Average case workflow was reduced from 1 hour to 5 minutes.
• Oncology Analytics staff have experienced increased ease of locating patient data, decreased turnaround time, and lower SLA penalties.