Newsletter Two – Lorem ipsum dolor

Come see Mark Smith speak on a panel discussion at the event on Day 1!

Topic: Transform Underwriting Capability With Data-Driven Decision-Making and Truly Leverage Real-Time Data For Meaningful Business Value


  • Better understand risk through real-time data: Discuss how data from sensors, satellites and drones can optimise the underwriting process by reducing the time spent researching risk and increasing time spent reducing loss ratios
  • Recognise how to leverage data science and advanced data analytics to radicalise the underwriting process, gain portfolio insights and improve underwriting productivity in a hard market
  • Discover how real-time data enhances understanding of customer insights, allowing underwriters to develop unique products with more accurate and dynamic pricing, ultimately improving the customer service journey
  • Identify the role of real-time data in supporting underwriters with real-time awareness of their unique and personalised metrics helping to improve underwriting performance

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