OZ 360

Your customers are three dimensional. Now your data—and ROI—can reflect that

With OZ 360™ you can now reconcile specific customer data across multiple databases, leveraging householding logic to significantly improve CX, customer retention, and profitability

• Convert information to a data lake or warehouse quickly and efficiently with OZ LightSpeed™ then seamlessly present multiple accurate, holistic views of data with OZ 360™ accelerators and algorithms—saving time and money while improving ROI

• Uplevel your internal processes in tandem with Salesforce, Majesco, Microsoft Dynamics, Duck Creek, or any other preferred CRM system

• Facilitate more effective business decisions and mission alignment

Giving Our Clients a Single View of the Truth

Use Case 1

The challenge: Improving performance across multiple business units for a global insurer

The OZ Solution

OZ 360™ consolidated data and provided new actionable insights into organizational performance across the globe

• We created a standardized, automated data mapping solution which integrated multiple systems, exponentially increasing efficiency as well as the effectiveness of data governance processes

• We optimized common processes within all operating units regardless of origin and reduced global financial reporting from months to days

Use Case 2

The Challenge: A National client needs a more robust lead generation program to meet ROI goals

The OZ Solution

OZ 360™ integrated the client’s existing CRM, 8 core systems, and proprietary marketing tools into a unified solution, helping boost ROI by $1.0M a month

• Automated data acquisition to the new centralized solution, standardizing the information by checking the CRM to make sure each entry is unique

• Reduced overall marketing costs by providing accurate, up-to-date information to target the most promising prospects

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