OZ Diva

A Digital Virtual Assistant for Insurance Clients

OZ DIVA™ is digital virtual assistant that leverages cutting-edge conversational AI and sentiment analysis to enhance customer experiences

• Powered by AI and Natural Language Processing, OZ DIVA™ excels at non-linear conversation—far outpacing the capabilities and effectiveness of IVR

• Significantly reduces the cost of staffing 24/7 call centers by providing unmatched CX through voice, text, or chat to customers

The Challenge: Replace call centers with a digital virtual assistant that provides an digital experience for customers

The OZ Solution

• Quicker deployment by utilizing a pre-loaded corpus

• Enhances CX for claims, services, sales, and other touch points

• Proves to a customer in the Moment of Truth, during a CAT or FNOL, that their positive experience is valued and integral to organizational success

OZ DIVA™ common use cases

• Handling FNOL
• A claims status inquiry
• Roadside assistance
• Policy Q&A
• Billing inquiries

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