OZ Ignite

An Innovation Accelerator for Better Strategic Frameworks & Enhanced Decision Making

OZ Ignite™ is the ultimate methodology for accelerating your time-to-market

• A strategic, objective framework and dynamic work environment to accelerate business decision making and innovative solution design

• Facilitate more holistic collaboration and ideation of objectives that drive operational success

• Support ideation, solutioning, strategy, road-mapping, growth/profitability, customer experience, diagnostics, and initiative acceleration through building a shared vision

Use Case 1

The Challenge: Create a Strategic Digital Transformation Roadmap for a Fortune 500 Company

The OZ Solution

The OZ Ignite™ strategic framework highlighted opportunities to implement emerging technologies and revolutionize the customer experience

The framework ensured all existing and proposed initiatives were evaluated based on objective decision making and mapped back to organizational goals, KPIs, and strategic

Initiatives were mapped against value points such as Ease of Implementation, Impact and ROI, and Transformational Potential. Opportunities with the highest potential impact measured against these criteria were presented and chosen

The end result? A 12-month implementation plan and 3-year roadmap to drive a sustainable pipeline of organization initiatives. This new operational model improved customer interaction and provided unprecedented value to shareholders

Use Case 2

The Challenge: Utilizing OZ Ignite Studio ™ to Develop A Startup App from Scratch

The OZ Solution

Through Co-Creation, an OZ Digital Product Service Offering, OZ Ignite™ Studio™ ideated a fast, efficient app roadmap for an entrepreneurial client

Facilitated collaboration between an interconnected group of expert teams and the client. This Discovery phase helped rapidly develop a shared vision around the MVP, a mobile application

A constant flow of feedback empowered the client to finalize the outlined technical structure of the MVP

Significantly accelerated the time-to-market for the app and successfully launched the product as a perfect translation of the client’s original vision, supported by our continued maintenance with the solution

• Brainstorming and new ideas are needed to fill a pipeline with growth and customer-centric initiatives

• A project / program is complex, involving multiple stakeholders across business units, geographies, or organizations

• Key inputs, decisions or commitment are required from a broad stakeholder group There is competitive advantage in accelerating speed to value or enhancing the quality of the solution

• Alignment and a clear business focus is required to realize full business benefits

• The solution requires comprehensive visualization, accelerated learning, robust analysis or extensive knowledge

• Facilitates collaboration and ideation for generating new ideas for growth and operational excellence

• Generates new ideas at the unit & enterprise level to develop into profitable growth and operational excellence initiatives

• Accelerates the ideation-to-launch process through the development of a shared vision and solution

• Surrounds its process with fact-based knowledge and insights (customer, competitor, market, industry, best practices, etc.) to enable disruptive innovation

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