OZ LightSpeed

A workstation solution to simplify and accelerate data transformation at LightSpeed™

OZ LightSpeed™ is a revolutionary tool that harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to convert and transform data—quickly and accurately

• Implement faster, more effective transitions to new core systems so you can reap the benefits of Salesforce, Guidewire, Duck Creek, and other platforms sooner rather than later

• Continually evolve, developing greater accuracy for your centralized data warehouses/lakes/meshes

• Supercharge and streamline your policy admin, claims, and/or billing processes

Use Case 1

The Challenge: A global insurer needs dozens of business units and systems consolidated into a single business enterprise database

The OZ Solution

• Empowered by OZ LightSpeed™, we created a standardized, automated data mapping solution integrating multiple systems that reduced global financial reporting from months to days and provided a 360-degree view of organizational performance across the globe

• Significantly improved data governance processes and the quality of data in source systems

• Streamlined processes within all operating units—regardless of line of business, geography, or systems and processes

Use Case 2

The Challenge: A large P&C carrier faces a multimillion-dollar transition from legacy systems projected to take seven years

The OZ Solution

OZ LightSpeed™ migrated all reinsurance contracts in 60 days with 99% accuracy, reducing a daunting projected 84-month, 2,555-day process to a few short months total

• Drastically improved ROI by transferring all contracts quickly and efficiently revamping the contract transfer process

• Liberated the company’s team to focus on higher return activities rather than spending hours a day on intense manual processes outside their mission and skillset

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