OZ – A Charlee.ai Partner

Leverage our partnership with leading AI and analytics platform Charlee.ai to strengthen every aspect of your insurance business and blaze trails through the insurtech universe.

We connect you to the best in AI analytics

Charlee.ai is a leading provider of cloud-based AI-driven analytics solutions for property and casualty insurers, empowering you to derive deep insights from your data and run a more efficient and effective future-proofed business.

As an official Charlee.ai partner, OZ brings together everything you need to streamline your operations and unlock competitive advantage with our tailored, bespoke AI and analytics services.

OZ and Charlee.ai take your insurance business to the next level.

A team of expert digital consultants ready to integrate powerful predictive analytics into your processes.

Gain Strategic Insights for
Real-Time Decision Making

Reduce Claim Cycle Times
and Expenses

Oversee Your Entire
Claims Portfolio

What Charlee.ai offers property and casualty insurers:

AI-Based Predictive Insights

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Charlee provides prebuilt and pre-trained predictive analytics solutions to enhance your claims workflows, reduce severity and litigation, and efficiently manage your reserves.

Litigation Management Dashboard

An intuitive dashboard for Charlee’s litigation management engine makes it easy to gain strategic insights with highly accurate qualitative predictions. Charlee.ai predicts litigation 90-120 days in advance with 85% accuracy, empowering you to make proactive, real-time decisions.

Severity Management Dashboard

Connecting proprietary KPIs and behavioral pattern detection to any claims management system, Charlee enables you to identify severity, prioritize your workflows, bring a new dimension of efficiency and effectiveness to your operations, and reduce your claim cycle times and expenses.

Claims Portfolio Management

Charlee’s dashboards enable you to oversee your entire claims portfolio with a single click, helping you identify trends and insights, operational inefficiencies, regulatory inconsistencies or noncompliance and claim patterns so that you can make the best decisions to benefit your business.

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Take your claims and underwriting process to the next level with Charlee.ai and OZ

OZ’s strategic partnerships with platforms and providers such as Charlee.ai enable us to connect your insurance business with only the best intelligent automation and AI solutions in insurtech.

Our goal is to connect our clients to not just the best solutions, but the best solutions for you.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all answers to each business’s unique challenges. Find out exactly what Charlee.ai and our bespoke insurtech solutions and strategies can do for your insurance business: