UiPath's partnership has assisted OZ in multiple projects with tremendous success and has saved millions of dollars for clients by intelligently automating their manual work, allowing them to complete tasks in minutes instead of days. OZ has been empowered to help clients integrate their technology solutions and business processes with UiPath technologies.

UiPath's AI Center simplifies the addition of intelligence to typical automation projects and allows easy integration of Machine Learning models into the automation workflows. Data models designed with UiPath have the capability to intelligently develop as humans provide feedback to retrain the model.

UiPath Technology Offerings

Phoenix to XLPro Automation

Phoenix and XLPro are two of the most widely used software in the insurance/reinsurance industry. This offering can help integrate reinsurance data (contracts and treaties) from Phoenix to DXC's XLPro using RPA bots which can run on the XLPro UI.

Automation of XLPro Reports

Organizations using XLPro as their reinsurance software have access to numerous reports which can be accessed by logging into XLPro.

RPA bots can work in the background to keep track of the processes, even those that have already been completed. Reports can be generated automatically and can be emailed or copied to a shared location. This is especially useful for recurring reports which someone needs to generate on weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis.

XLPro Automation

XLPro is a comprehensive software and entering all the claims in it is a tedious task. This offering includes the implementation of UI Bots that can read the claims data from PDF or SQL and use the XLPro application to fill all the claims data automatically.

Schedule UiPath Bots using Tidal

This offering is for organizations using Tidal as their workflow automation tool, and need to manage the UiPath Bots using Tidal instead of the UiPath orchestrator.

This can be achieved by writing custom logic to call APIs of UiPath orchestrator and integrating it with Tidal.

Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent RPA bots can work in background and gather documents from any channel (an email, FTP location, or a database), digitize it using OCR, then add the document's data into your database.

These bots can learn over time using machine learning algorithms and the whole process can be managed by a web portal.