Through our strategic partnership with WSO2, we connect clients to tailored, powerful API tools and enterprise integration solutions that address your unique challenges while accelerating both short- and long-term goals.

Bespoke technology solutions for modern businesses

At OZ, we pride ourselves on forging strategic partnerships with leading technology companies such as WSO2 to increase the technological capabilities and competitive advantages we place at the disposal of our clients.

Take your business to new heights with OZ and WSO2.

The power of the global WSO2 partner network in your hands

We utilize WSO2 open-source integration solutions to efficiently design, deploy, and maintain APIs for our clients and provide easy-to-use enterprise integration solutions.

Show your customers you care with timely responses to their questions

Connect your channels without juggling multiple vendors and solutions

Empower your communications team to do more meaningful work

What Can OZ + WSO2 Do For You?

With MessageBird, you can use Intelligent Automation and centralized inbox tools to connect all of your messaging platforms from email and WhatsApp to WeChat and Telegram and more into a single interface.

Complete Enterprise Integration Coverage

Whether on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two, OZ’s WSO2 partnership sets you up with enterprise platforms that make managing your integrations simple.

Leading Solutions for API Lifecycle Management

WSO2’s open-source integration solutions and API management software enables us to design, deploy, and maintain API solutions for all of your needs, including web services and applications.

Secure, Private Identity and Access Management Tools

The WSO2 Partner Network connects you to the gold standard in the federation, authentication, and management of identities across your organization. Connect and control various identities across multiple client applications, their cloud, IoT devices, and APIs.

Unique Digital Transformation Solutions for Unique Businesses

We are a WSO2 partner because their powerful, versatile tools and solutions align perfectly with our digital transformation ethos – bespoke, highly tailored solutions that fit your unique needs and goals perfectly.

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What does it mean to be a WSO2 Partner?

OZ certifications and accreditations in the WSO2 open-source framework attest to our fluency in—and foundational knowledge of—wide range of API and integration products and solutions.

Accreditations and certifications include:

  • 10 Certified Enterprise Integrator Developer – V7 – Micro Integrator
  • 10 WSO2 Certified Identity Server Developer – V5

Take your business further with the API and Enterprise Integration experts at OZ:

Find out what a tailor-made API and integration solution for your business could look like for you.