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Author: Linda Haury
January 21, 2020

The Big Game is big business. Americans spend close to $15 billion annually on football watching parties, or just over $81 per person. Fans who actually attend the biggest football game of the year shell out even more. The event generated $450 million for Minnesota in 2018, and $400 million for Atlanta in 2019. It’s […]

Author: Ric Cavieres, Jorge Agnese, Murray Izenwasser, Imran Sabir
December 3, 2019

The end of another year – and decade – provides the perfect time to reflect on what digital technologies will continue to transform customer experience (CX) for the kickoff of 2020. We gathered a handful of our experts and asked them to share their thoughts on what is on the horizon for the new year. […]

Author: Jorge Agnese
November 22, 2019

For such an old-fashioned industry, travel has sure come a long way. The technology we have at our fingertips today to enhance and promote travel options and engage and delight travelers is a wonder. From mobile check in to virtual reality tours; from app-controlled room thermostats to facial recognition room entry. Technology is growing by […]

Author: Angelo Beacon
September 23, 2019

With today’s focus on Customer Experience (CX) and the presence of e-commerce giants like Amazon and Wayfair, it’s never been easier to window shop, compare prices or easily place an order for your furniture to be delivered directly to your home. While retailers close shop left and right, one would think the future of furniture […]

Author: Emalee Shrewsbury
September 16, 2019

There I stood, confused and frustrated in the middle of the furniture store. Searching for an entertainment center that would not only fit in my new living room but match with maximum storage space. My journey as a buyer was almost complete, but I was stuck between two choices and there was no more selling […]

OZ Digital Blog Post | 4 Ways Digital Innovation is Transforming CX for Hospitality

Author: Jorge Agnese
August 20, 2019

Jorge Agnese Vice President of Consulting – Travel & Hospitality OZ | Digital Consulting Every time we visit a hotel, frequent a restaurant or hop on a plane, we as customers see evidence that the hospitality world is morphing as the use of digital technologies increases. Marriott hotels are experimenting with voice activation so that guests can […]

OZ Digital Blog Post | OZ Continues to Digitally Transform Patient Experience in Healthcare, Joins Several Local Organizations

Author: Linda Haury
August 20, 2019

Linda Haury Vice President and CMO OZ | Digital Consulting Our company name, OZ, may be new, but we have been a part of the South Florida community for over 20 years. Our approach to digital transformation has helped more than 400 Florida-based businesses in a wide range of industries – travel and hospitality, retail, […]

Author: Linda Haury
August 8, 2019

At OZ, we are immersed in digital transformation. We provide innovative technology solutions and services focused on customer experience (CX). Our clients in the travel, life sciences, health care, high-technology, financial services, and retail industries engage with OZ to enhance CX for their customers, or to improve internal processes and business activities, among other things. […]


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