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Digital Technology Solutions Can Help A Strained Healthcare Sector Fight Coronavirus Epidemic

March 31, 2020

At the forefront of this worldwide pandemic, the healthcare sector is fighting with all of its might. Already, the coronavirus outbreak has placed significant strain on the stores of masks, medicine, and medical equipment as the public and private sector have rushed to purchase as much as it can — in-person and online.  

With the boom in online shopping by the average citizen, online retailers have seen their supplies of rubbing alcohol, surgical masks, and other health supplies diminished. Sectors outside of health care, including international distilleries, are jumping in to help stop the spread of the virus. Instead of drinking alcohol, distilleries have switched gears to make rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer 

When looking to pivot their business model during these times to aid the healthcare sector, OZ is helping clientassess and develop a future strategy and plans for their revenue stream, products and services, customers, geographies, operations, technologies, and data platforms. We are helping to secure remote working for drug companies and researchers, where our team leverages Immerse, a new service to conduct remote workshops and innovation and collaboration sessions with current and prospective clients. 

To further assist the healthcare community, OZ is developing a solution that will aid supply chain and logistics, as the global drug supply diminishesand help research and development for possible vaccines 

In addition, OZ is working on Sirius, an app for the healthcare sector that OZ will offer as a corporate and global enterprise version to clients and prospects as well as distribute through the various app stores for personal consumers.  

With a secure login and amazing UI to drive use, a person can enter their temperature and any other symptoms if coronavirus is suspected. The app contains message boards with private chat capabilities where people can share experiences. They also can ask a physician questions and receive answers within an hour, including making connections via telemedicine. Sirius will provide the latest news from national and local (via zip geolocation) on COVID-19, including links to articles and visualization of these cases; links to food, supplies, testing locations, and medicine delivery services; a legal waiver when first setting up a consumer’s user ID and password that businesses can use in non-identified aggregated data from the app.  

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