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A Major Healthcare Insurer Uses Intelligent Automation and Data Analytics to Manage Workflows and Improve Employee Performance

A Major Healthcare

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The Catalyst

Lacking the visibility into its own data necessary for efficient workflow and effective decision-making, a leading Fortune 500 health insurance and managed care provider sought to modernize its managed approach to improving lives through healthier communities.

The Challenge

Navigating the labyrinth-like configuration of disparate systems required to gather data pertinent to monitoring physician performance proved a task both herculean and confusing, placing an undue burden on the client’s Provider Data Management (PDM) team, slowing innovation, and reducing competitive advantage.


Aligning with the client’s organizational objectives and efficiency goals, the OZ Digital Consulting team leveraged Intelligent Automation to achieve a holistic picture of productivity with an equally satisfying return.

In unison with front-end development efforts, the OZ team implemented RPA to:

  • Replace dozens of error-prone manual processes and save millions in revenue.
  • Create a consolidated Dashboard to pull in accurate real-time data to provide a view of all existing data entry processes and requests within the PDM system.
  • Design and implement new programs that create a central repository of information from combined databases while maintaining the integrity of existing systems.
  • Provide the PDM team with an organized single point of access for data that drives informed decision-making

This new level of automation allowed the client to track requests processed by the PDM department—including the type of requests, the number of open requests, and access to statistics on the average time to close requests—instantly.


The OZ Digital Consulting team assisted the client in significantly reducing human error and increasing ROI.

As a result, the following benefits were also realized:

  • Elevating team cohesion: Greater management control and a clear view of their department’s work status.
  • Empowering instant reaction: Ability to monitor department workflows and employee performance and react to situations promptly.
  • Streamlining workflows: Reduced resources and time needed to process information by automating over 90 processes—saving them millions of dollars.


Efficiency and success often hinge on the sum parts of organizational processes. Without careful consideration of how these practices are instituted and integrated, it can be challenging to create actionable, innovative change across all levels of operation through technological improvement. The scope and depth of technical experience at OZ build bridges between what worked in the past and a more streamlined and promising future.