Elevating Customer Experience With a POS Integration App

Cruise Line Automation

A large cruise line company wishes to provide an exceptional Customer Experience (CX) that will be enjoyable and memorable to more guests by opening up its private island to multiple ships. To expand the island to more guests and capitalize on revenue, the client wants to accommodate multiple ships docking on the island at once, but currently, multiple ships’ POS systems cannot differentiate which guests came from which ship. Through Design Thinking and Digital Innovation, OZ is solving this issue through a new mobile POS ecosystem and enabling our client to disembark multiple ships on the island – which will result in a better Customer Experience (CX) and opportunities for increased revenue to be generated.

Cruise Line Client Overview

One of the world’s largest global cruise lines continues to revolutionize vacations with itineraries to hundreds of destinations in tens of countries on all continents.

Cruise Line Business Needs

Traditionally, only one ship at a time can be moored at the private island for guests to disembark and enjoy its amenities. The staff must take the ship’s POS system, (which then works offline), onto the island – which has no wireless communication network, to manage the guest experience and purchases. Moreover, each ship’s POS system is separate and serves only the guests of that ship.

As part of a new initiative, our client wanted to create a solution that allowed multiple ships to use the resort island at the same time. This required building a new POS and front-end app that seamlessly charged the purchase to the right ship when guests visited the island. This would create a better Customer Experience while leveraging new revenue generation.

Intelligent Automation by OZ

OZ is currently engaging with our client to create a distinct customer experience for guests across all their ships, including how they can better serve their guests when they visit its private islands. By utilizing key elements of Design Thinking and Digital Services – including App Dev, Data Services, and IoT, a new island-based POS system is being built to enable multiple ships and all guests to enjoy the amenities of the exclusive island. The new system will connect customer information and our client’s products/platforms, irrespective of which ship guests are on.

The POS ecosystem app uses card readers to determine guest identity, which ships the guest is from, and the status of their account. The app communicates back to the ship to determine the guest’s eligibility to order items. Once the order is processed, the system will charge the account, while the main POS remains secure on the ship. In addition to enhancing Customer Experience, the system will allow for the better utilization of staff and provide customer and transactional information that can predict customer behavior.

Digital Consulting Results

  • Guests will enjoy a seamless experience while enjoying all the food, drink, and amenities that the island offers.
  • The Staff will have the ability to process guests’ charges in real-time, online vs offline, streamlining workflows and enabling a better Customer Experience (CX).
  • Our client will optimize the use of the island as multiple ships can dock at a time – doubling or tripling its revenue generation capabilities.
  • Guests’ transaction data and preferences will be stored, and Analytics will be applied to predict behavior and further enhance the Customer Experience.