OZ Deploys New and Highly Efficient Licensing Platform Underpinned With CX new

Legacy System Integration Dashboard

The client’s licensing software, their main source of revenue, was out of support by its original vendor and their legacy system was outdated, requiring extensive updating. Any failure in processing its 53 million records would have catastrophic results for the client and their customers, who depend on their software. With a focus on the customer experience (CX), OZ reimagined the client’s software, building an entirely new user experience, which helped increase operational efficiencies. Initial go-live processing time was reduced from 200 hours to 57 minutes with Data Sciences, Intelligent Automation (IA), and Analytics without a single error.

Automating Licensing Software

The client is a global leader in enterprise mobility technology, which is used by 100 million individuals at hundreds of thousands of organizations around the world, including Fortune 500 companies. Their workplace-as-a-service technologies help organizations redefine and streamline productivity.

Integrating Legacy Systems

The client had a critical need to upgrade their licensing software, which was no longer supported by the original vendor. With technical support discontinued, the client was at risk of having their licensing operations, their main source of revenue, come to a crashing halt. Due to multiple duplications, invalid data, and complex business rules, the company received a high volume of support tickets that they could not keep up with.

Furthermore, many of the client’s customers were using the software without licenses. This resulted in reduced revenue for the company. Attempts to update the legacy system were made by the client, the original software vendor who built the initial licensing platform and one of the “Big 4” consulting firms were not successful.

Specific Legacy Systems Integration Needs

After several unsuccessful failed attempts, OZ was called in to modernize and simplify the licensing architecture, transform/migrate data from the old system to the new system, integrate all enterprise systems to the new licensing system, create reports accounting for all the licensing records for compliance purposes and developed several productivity tools, utilities, and reports. OZ provided a high-quality solution writing over 1.4 million lines of code with less than 10 bugs in total. Additionally, OZ moved all other enterprise systems, customers, and vendors to the new licensing system, removing redundancies in the process. This provided enhanced logging, auditing, and reporting for the new systems.

Automation & Integration Improved Productivity

With so much at stake, the new licensing platform needed to be completed with speed and accuracy. While the client and their technology partners worked on this project for over nine months, it took just three weeks for OZ to complete from inception to implementation. The client anticipates an additional $10M per month in revenue by enforcing licensing policies. The new system was:

  • Efficient – Utilized RPA and IA to reduce manual steps in business processes.
  • Simplified – Architecture was vastly streamlined by eliminating duplicate processes.
  • Intuitive – New interfaces were built from the ground up, enhancing licensee’s customer experience.
  • Integrated – Connections and integrations to other platforms and key systems were completely rewritten for ease of use.
  • Standardized – Data was standardized to be more accurate and easily accessible to users. Over 100 analytics reports were created providing details for every licensee.