OZ Creates First-of-its-Kind Mobile App Designed to Safely Bring Back Max Capacity Gatherings

September 29, 2020 – Designed by a team of medical, business, and technology professionals, OZ’s one-of-a-kind mobile solution for creating COVID-19-free Biospheres. Salus is designed to safely bring the world back to max capacity and return people to their workplaces in sports & entertainment, travel & hospitality, any workplace, education, and assisted living facilities.

The suite of 4 apps has successfully allowed the American 7s Football League to be the first league back to playing the sport since COVID lockdowns. “Salus was literally a game-changer for us because it allowed us to safely get back to what we love most – playing football,” said Sener Korkusuz, A7FL CEO & co-founder.

Learn more about how Salus handles testing and logistics by visiting the solution’s website here or read more in the recently posted article by the South Florida Hospital News.

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