OZ Partners With Orbita to Bring Innovative Voice- and Chatbot-Powered Virtual Assistants to Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industries

PHILADELPHIA – (APRIL 16, 2019) – OZ, a global consulting company enhancing customer experiences through digital innovation, has announced its partnership with Orbita, Inc., the healthcare industry’s leader in conversational AI for enterprise-grade voice- and chatbot-powered virtual assistants. OZ will combine its digital innovation and development services with Orbita’s market-leading platform to create unique, customer experience (CX) driven tools for organizations across life sciences and health care industries.

“As life sciences and health care companies look for ways to increase consumer engagement and improve patient experience, voice and conversational AI will be critical to their evolution,” said Murray Izenwasser, VP of consulting and design thinking at OZ. “The combination of our development team’s skills, paired with Orbita’s platform, allows us to build engaging solutions for companies that understand the impact these technologies have on the customer experience.”

With significant advances in recent years, voice, chat and AI technologies are now being added to existing digital channels like computers, tablets, mobile phones, kiosks and more. These conversational interfaces offer new opportunities for organizations to be accessible, reach patients and improve experiences. In 2019, Orbita found that voice assistants are accessible through 2.5 billion smartphones globally1, and the use of chatbots is expected to grow 136% over the next 18 months2.

Beyond improvements to patient engagement for inpatient, outpatient, and in-home services, voice and conversational AI solutions can improve internal functions by automating B2B and B2C processes. For example, conversational AI can help streamline time-intensive, manual processes like call center discussions, online help chats, and sales enablement, allowing organizations to better allocate their human resources.

“Voice and chatbot virtual assistants reduce the barriers to user engagement inherent in today’s web and phone-based offerings,” said Nathan Treloar, Orbita president and co-founder. “While developing these virtual assistants may seem straight forward from the outside, they require a deep understanding of the fundamental shift that comes with creating and deploying intelligent voice-driven applications across the enterprise. By teaming with innovators like OZ and its clients, we’re blazing a new innovation trail and building the foundation for how these applications will be used for years to come.”

To learn more about the partnership and what is possible with voice- and chatbot-powered virtual assistants in the healthcare, life sciences, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries, visit OZ at booth #134 during eyeforpharma Philadelphia, April 16-17, 2019 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

To learn more about Orbita, please visit orbita.ai.

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About Orbita, Inc.

Orbita provides conversational AI technologies and services for healthcare organizations to create secure enterprise-grade voice- and chatbot-powered virtual assistants. Orbita’s HIPAA-compliant platform powers solutions that increase operational efficiencies and improve consumer, patient and member experiences to enhance remote patient monitoring, population health, customer service, member wellness, clinical trials and more. Leading digital health innovators rely on Orbita including Amgen, American Red Cross, Brigham and Women’s, Deloitte, Mayo Clinic, and Pillo Health. orbita.aihello@orbita.ai, +1 617-804-5550

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