Public Sector CX: Why Improving CX Matters

OZ’s Director of Business Development, Public Sector, Katy Tucker, enlightens readers and reminds them that great Customer Experience (CX) in the Public Sector is not a ‘want’, but a ‘need’.

In June, Katy’s article was published to Knowledge Management World ( Though the article takes a humourous opening approach in highlighting the Public Sector’s appearance to citizens, she goes on to explain that the lack of CX within the sphere is no laughing matter. She sheds light on the importance that CX and technology have on the field. Specifically, in Florida, she brings forth evidence from recent reports that Florida’s state employees seem underprepared when faced with emergency response.

Ultimately, Katy Tucker is urging for the prioritization of CX within the Public Sector. In addition, she has also laid out three benefits that will strengthen the connections between work in experience by improving CX:

  1. Powerful Advocacy
  2. Expanded Reach
  3. Improved Compliance

Navigate to Katy’s article to learn more about the importance of improving CX to benefit government entities as well as taxpayers, workers, travelers, and more.

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