October 16, 2019

Hospital rooms thrum with the steady beat of monitors. And while a patient must quickly adapt to a cacophony of beeps and drips, when a sudden alarm pierces the air, it’s a nerve-wracking experience—especially if a nurse doesn’t step in immediately. The patient must fumble for the nurse-call button, which can usually be found dangling […]

OZ Thought Leadership | Digital Innovation Is Transforming Hospitality CX

August 20, 2019

Every time we visit a hotel, frequent a restaurant or hop on a plane, we as customers see evidence that the hospitality world is morphing thanks to digital technologies. Marriott hotels are experimenting with voice activation so that you can ask an in-room assistant for tourist advice. McDonald’s is renovating some restaurants to include digital menus and self-order kiosks. […]

July 25, 2019

For many electrifying years, digital technologies have been exploding. We are amassing data, building AI algorithms and developing platforms in an effort to create stellar products and services. But amid this exciting frenzy to develop and ideate as digital pioneers, we forgot somewhere along the way that robots aren’t using these products and services; we—humans—are.

July 25, 2019

Ring video doorbells light up your smartphone with images of your doorstep in real time. Uber Taxi lets customers know when a local cab is nearby. Airline alliances allow you to redeem your frequent-flyer miles on a different carrier from the one you earned them on. Third-party sellers on Amazon share the same core platform to sell competing items. Sonos music is easily piped through Alexa wireless speakers. As consumers, we don’t bat an eye at these occurrences, but each of these scenarios is an example of one competitor inviting another into a partnership to enhance customer experience (CX).

July 25, 2019

Soon, some lucky cruise guests might be able to access Wi-Fi from the topmost sun deck of their ship to all the way down below—way, way below. Virgin Voyages, the new cruise line from Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, calls it “Wa-Fi” and promises that guests will be able to stream photos, messages and video underwater while snorkeling or even diving. “Stepping into the untapped industry of ocean-based Wi-Fi seemed like the next natural step for Virgin Voyages,” Andy Schwalb, chief technology officer for the cruise line, told Porthole Cruise. “Wa-Fi’s capacity for underwater connection will undoubtedly position Virgin Voyages as the most Instagrammable cruise line in the world.”

July 25, 2019

Digital technologies like augmented reality (AR) and intelligent voice assistants are changing how doctors and patients experience medicine. Doctors can peek beneath the skin to closely examine bone breaks, organ disease and muscle problems. On the battlefield, the military can use an AR system to get immediate remote medical advice. At home, patients can ask Alexa whether or not a headache might be a migraine or if an antibiotic might have a certain side effect.

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