8 RPA Examples That You May Already Be Using in Your P&C Insurance Company

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is rapidly being implemented today to streamline workflow, make organizations more responsive, flexible, and profitable. It also makes employees more productive by removing repetitive, boring, and time-consuming tasks from their routine. If you have not yet implemented RPA, or you’re not sure if you’re already benefiting from it, the following RPA examples will give you some ideas.

It is worth noting that RPA is best suited for processes that are well documented and repeatable without a lot of changes. Let's dive right in.

Common RPA examples

Website Scraping

RPA software is widely used today to collect already known data from websites. You may have already benefited from RPA technology if you have at one time automated the extraction of data and content from your site. RPA software is frequently used to collect data from betting websites, commodities, trading websites, and other sites that have known data. This data can later be retrieved and analyzed. Here are some of the benefits of web scraping with robotic process automation:

  • Automates batch download tasks

  • Easy and quick setup

  • Fewer errors and costs

  • No need to hire and maintain a team for scraping

Customer Order Processing

Each time a customer places an order, the same cycle is repeated — although sometimes a few variations may arise. Having your employees handle those tasks manually can be boring and time-consuming, and that can increase errors in the process. RPA solutions can be tasked with handling customer order processing to minimize human errors, improve ROI, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.

Incoming Customer Email Query Processing

Does the idea of answering the same question multiple times drain you? Your customers can bombard you with the same question repeatedly, and you are likely to find that annoying. An RPA application can help end that boring cycle by answering the obvious questions while the critical ones are left to your personnel to handle. Stop for a second and think how that can boost the productivity of your employees, create space for strategic thinking, increase the scope of e-mail campaigns, and increase customer lifetime value.

Transferring data from one system to another

Incidences of businesses losing critical information for not backing up their systems are common. Sometimes they need to restore the backed-up information, but they end up taking longer because they are preoccupied with other activities. Whichever the case, critical business data can be affected in the process. RPA solutions can tackle these two processes, ensuring you never have to worry about backing up and restoring the same information on time.

If you are struggling to transfer data from one system to another, a simple RPA solution can save time while leveling up transparency. It can also eliminate delays due to manual processes and reduce the possibility of human errors.

Call Center Operations

Reducing call duration is a real challenge that continues to give call centers sleepless nights. If you have a call center, you know how staying longer on the phone can hurt your growth. If you have to address the needs of multiple clients, you need to respond to as many calls as possible. RPA can help ensure you have all the customers' information on a single dashboard. This can shorten the duration of each call. Further, RPA software can help automate responses and direct incoming calls to available agents.

Fraudulent Account Closing

Businesses that offer financial services need to be monitored consistently, and the right action executed in case any suspicious activities are detected. For example, if you are dealing with people's finances, keeping an eye on all activities taking place is very crucial to detect anything suspicious. Doing that manually is not a viable option and puts your business at risk. This is yet another area RPA based software helps. They can detect any illegality, stop it, and close the linked accounts within a few seconds.

Compliance reporting

As your business expands, you may get to a point where monitoring compliance may be challenging. For example, you may not have sufficient time to monitor if employees are trying to install unauthorized software. Luckily, an RPA-based software can ensure all employees adhere to compliance requirements throughout.

Customer Complaints Processing

When running a business, complaints can trickle in anytime, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to handle them. Not addressing customer complaints is a big mistake that can sink a business. An RPA application can be supportive in helping you categorize and address most of the complaints. For example, it can recommend possible solutions to some complaints and automatically assign the critical ones to the right employees.

Key Takeaway

RPA-based solutions continue to give businesses an edge in different ways. They have the power to take your business to the next level within a short period. And as you have seen, there are many areas they can help in. Do you need support to automate any area of your business? Or, do you need a hand to determine which repetitive tasks need to be automated? We have the tools and expertise to support your business. Get in touch today to learn how we can help you automate your business.