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Creating COVID-free Biospheres in these industries:

Travel & Hospitality



Assisted Care

Sports & Entertainment

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Creating COVID-free Biospheres, to safely bring back Education, the Workplace, Assisted Care, Travel & Hospitality, and Sports & Entertainment. Using the suite of 4 Salus apps, here is how the Biospheres are created:

The user downloads the Salus Access app or the Salus Employee app (users can include: medical personnel, guests, spectators, athletes, employees, students, etc.), and they are prompted to take a selfie to complete their profile. Only asking for a selfie protects the user and Salus from data security-related issues. The user selects what location they will be accessing and must choose a COVID-19 testing location or perform an at-home, overnight test from the displayed options.

With new rapid tests entering the market, Salus is agnostic to the type of COVID-19 test, therefore flexible and adaptable. Depending on the type of test the user completes, options for the user includes providing a mail-in sample to having a lab provide rapid results, or get tested at a pre-certified testing location using the Salus Test app. Medical professionals using Salus Test will scan the patient's Salus Access or Salus Employee digital profile key and verify their identification using the profile selfie. The rapid test result is indicated in Salus Test once the medical personnel selects their result, which is instantaneously reflected in the Salus Access app or Salus Employee app.

If the user tests negative, they receive a time-sensitive, secure, and encrypted QR code in their Salus Access or Salus Employee app. This is scanned and authenticated by event/venue personnel using the Salus Monitor app at the location entrance points. Those who test positive will not receive a viable QR code and are instructed to quarantine and follow CDC guidelines.

Because only COVID-19-free individuals are granted access to events/venues, a COVID-free bubble—or what we call a “biosphere”—has been created, meaning that people can feel safe and secure knowing that all there have also tested COVID-19 negative. The users personalized QR code is valid for a certain amount of time before having to be re-tested. While the QR is valid, individuals can access and re-access the location if needed.

Salus provides aggregated dashboards and real-time analytics allowing organizations to track the number of people that are testing negative and positive over time, by venue and location. Secure alerts can also be triggered by Salus Employee to notify HR or team doctors if players or staff test positive.

Salus Applications (Patent Pending)


For everyone! Anyone looking to access a Salus-protected venue will need the Salus Access app. The user creates a profile and takes a selfie that will help verify their identity. Once results have populated from Salus Test, the user can scan their QR code to enter the venue.

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For Employees and Staff Members at Salus-protected venues. Similar to Salus Access, staff members use their Salus Employee profile to scan their QR code into Salus Monitor. Supervisors will be able to check records within the Salus Monitor dashboard to ensure their staff is COVID-19 free.

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For medical professionals conducting COVID-19 tests. Users of this application will record the outcome of a user's COVID-19 test designating a "Negative" or 'Positive" result. The user will be able to see the test result in their own app, Salus Access.

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For venue staff responsible for maintaining security. Once a user is trying to access a venue, Salus Monitor will scan their QR code on Salus Access.

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Multiple Personas

• Athletes / Performers
• Fans / Attendees / Customers
• Employees / Students
Venue Staff / Team Doctors / HR
• Personnel conducting COVID-19 tests

Testing Agnostic

The Salus Test app incorporates rapid, point-of-care and lab type testing, securely, and seamlessly, sending the results to Salus Access/Employee. Salus has a medical advisory team that helps define your organization's testing strategy and protocols, which is then configured into the app.

Secure Access

If the Salus Access/Employee user tests negative, the app provides a secure, time-sensitive QR code granting access to the venue/event biosphere.

Vaccine Status

Salus is adaptive and will incorporate immunity status, whether through antibodies or vaccine. The Access/Employee QR code will be configured to last only for the duration of the vaccine/antibody immunity.

Real-Time Alerts

HR, Management, Administration, and/or Team Medical Staff can be notified by secure real-time alerts if athletes, employees, or students test positive enabling immediate triage and contact tracing protocols.

Dashboarding & Analytics

Real-time and historical dashboarding and analytics that provide aggregated, anonymized insights on positivity/negativity rate by event, venue, workplace, school, college, and location.


Unlike checking for high body temperature—which may identify if someone is showing symptoms of COVID-19—testing identifies people who are COVID-19 asymptomatic and symptomatic/pre-symptomatic, resulting in much greater levels of risk mitigation and increased safety.

Salus does not collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as driver's license information, email address, etc. Sensitive medical patient data are not held within the Salus app but rather by the third party, HIPAA-certified tester. All data in the Salus app is encrypted including the QR code to prevent hacking of the QR access code or associated selfie picture of the user. The QR code cannot be copied, emailed, or transferred to another user.

Typically, the investment in Salus includes the Rapid Assurance Antigen COVID-19 test, with the Salus app included as one all-in price. Salus, however, is tailored for every engagement and is customized to the needs of the event/venue(s). Salus consultants will meet with stakeholders of the event(s)/venue(s) to determine if Salus is a fit. Depending on the organization's requirements, a one-time, cost-effective set-up and configuration charge, and a small per-use fee for the app, and testing essentially as a pass-through to reduce investment.

Yes! Please click here:

We understand that with regards to Salus, "one size DOES NOT fit all." For example, with some sports organizations, we are having discussions about a "phased" approach, whereby phase one involves testing and providing Salus for employees, venue personnel, players, and a limited number of fans. For others, the organization wants to provide access for the entire venue and all fans, so we will work with the entity to create an implementation plan that accommodates that approach.

Yes. Salus is being used by the American 7s Football League (A7FL), a semi-professional U.S. football league. By using its innovative technology and regular COVID-19 testing, Salus allowed players, coaches and other staff members to return to stadiums. In the first week, all A7FL participants were PCR tested for the active live virus. There was one positive result and that player was stopped from participating. Additionally, 89 others went through Rapid COVID-19 IgM antibody screening where four were detected positive and not allowed to participate. In weeks two and three, four additional players tested positive and were prevented from participating.

The Salus app allows users to pick events/locations that they want to access and attend, then they schedule a test with a nearby third-party testing provider that allows those coming to the venue to be tested up to two days prior, helping minimize lengthy lines. The results of the Rapid Assurance Antigen tests are typically available within 15 minutes after the test is administered and are valid for up to 72 hours. Additionally, testing locations can be set up at the venue the day of the event, with enough paramedical professionals to assist in minimizing lengthy wait times.

If a user tests positive for COVID-19, they will not receive a Salus Access or Salus Employee QR code, meaning they will not be able to enter the venue(s). The Salus app will direct them to return and self-isolate at home for the CDC recommended period, currently 15 days.

Salus works with a multitude of third-party, certified testing providers nationwide. The Salus solution is agnostic of the type of COVID-19 testing and can accept test results from PCR, Rapid Assurance Antigen, Rapid Antibody, and eventually vaccine results. Approved testing providers can download the Salus Test app from the Apple or Google Play app store.

Dr. Stewart Davis is Salus’ Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Davis is an M.D. by training but has been a full-time medical device entrepreneur for the last 17+ years. He has founded or held an executive position in 12 medical device companies. Dr. Davis graduated from the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine and was Summa Cum Laude from the University of Miami Honors Program. He has published a book and over a dozen peer-reviewed papers.

Dr. Peter Antevy is the Medical Advisor to the Salus solution. Dr. Antevy earned his medical degree from the University of Miami’s School of Medicine and has acquired a subspecialty degree in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. He currently works as a Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician practicing in-hospital emergency medical care at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. He is a COVID-19 science and testing expert and is currently working with multiple US cities to define their protocols and run their testing programs. Dr. Antevy is heavily involved in COVID-19 research, and he is the Principle Investigator on two large antibody trials across seven municipalities in South Florida. Additionally, he is leading clinical trials on Rapid Assurance Antigen testing in multiple venues across the country.

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