Safely Bringing Sports & Entertainment Back

Be sure team members, fans and spectators, and venue employees are safe from COVID-19—now possible with the Salus mobile solution. This suite of mobile apps and testing methodology allows venues to get back to max capacity.


Everyone entering the event or venue is testing negative, creating a COVID-free Biosphere, and allowing users to safely enjoy, explore, and interact.


Rapid testing can take place at the event, which is ideal for daily access. Users can be tested at a third-party location of their choice before they visit the venue. While QR codes are valid, users can be re-granted access if they must leave and return to the event/venue.


• Athletes,
• Fans/Spectators,
• Venue staff,
• Management,
• Participants, etc.

Take Control of COVID-19 at Your Sporting Venue

The 2020 A7FL tournament is presented by Salus

The American 7s Football League® (A7FL), pioneers no-helmets, no-pads, full-contact tackle football, and features 4 veteran New Jersey teams—the Hawks, B.I.C., Renegades, and Paterson U—facing off at Montclair New Jersey’s Yogi Berra Stadium.

The 2020 A7FL tournament is presented by Salus, a mobile solution designed to safely bring back mass gathering sports, entertainment, the workplace, and education. At the heart of the Salus platform are the Salus Mobile Customer, Employee, Tester, and Monitor apps that stores and timestamps on-the-spot test results and ensures only COVID-19 negative fans, athletes, and staff are able to enter an arena, stadium, or other venues, via a time-sensitive QR access code. “We’re thrilled that the A7FL has utilized Salus to help be the first football league back in action, during the current pandemic,” said Ric Cavieres, President of Salus’ parent company OZ, a digital innovation company.

“Safety is paramount for everybody involved with the A7FL,” emphasizes A7FL president Ryan DePaul, “Through our partnership with Salus, we’re confident we’re taking the necessary safety measures that reflect our level of caution, while still providing some exciting, much-needed football action for fans everywhere.” 

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Salus Applications (Patent Pending)

Fans and guests looking to access a Salus-protected venue will need the Salus Access app. The user creates a profile and takes a selfie that will help verify their identity. Once results have populated from Salus Test, the user can scan their QR code to enter.

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For employees at Salus-protected venues. Similar to Salus Access, staff members use their Salus Employee profile to scan their QR code into Salus Monitor. Supervisors will be able to check records within the Salus Monitor dashboard to ensure everyone is COVID-19 free.

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For trained personnel conducting COVID-19 tests. Users of this application will record the outcome of an individual COVID-19 test designating a "Negative" or 'Positive" result. The Salus Access user will be able to see the test result in their own app.

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For venue staff responsible for maintaining security. Once a user is trying to access the stadium/field/arena/etc., Salus Monitor will scan their QR code on Salus Access. Data will be viewable in a comprehensive dashboard that supervisors can use to monitor those entering.

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COVID-19 Impacts To Sports & Entertainment

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Case Studies

OZ Assists the First Semi-Professional Football League Back into Action Since COVID-19 Shutdowns


The COVID-19 pandemic struck the globe in early 2020 and discontinued mass gathering of any kind, including organized sports, especially sport spectatorship. Sports organizations of all levels scrambled to find ways to return to normal after being stricken with new policies and limitations. The American 7s Football League (A7FL) wanted to find a way back to playing football that was safe for players, coaching staff, media groups, and anyone pre...

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Yes. Salus is being used by the American 7s Football League (A7FL), a semi-professional U.S. football league. By using its innovative technology and regular COVID-19 testing, Salus allowed players, coaches, and other staff members to return to stadiums. In the first week, all A7FL participants were PCR tested for the active live virus. There was one positive result and that player was stopped from participating. Additionally, 89 others went through Rapid COVID-19 IgM antibody screening where four were detected positive and not allowed to participate. In weeks two and three, four additional players tested positive and were prevented from participating.

Research has shown that it takes about three days to become contagious after contracting COVID-19. If a person tests negative for COVID-19 three days before arriving at an event or returning to their workplace but contracts COVID-19 before the event day, they are not yet contagious and should not be able to spread COVID-19 to the event attendees and staff.

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The testing center that administers the COVID-19 test maintains the storage and security of the patient data. Salus and the venue do not have access to patient data; only that the user is COVID-19 negative and has a valid QR code to attest to that.

The Salus app allows users to pick events/locations that they want to access and attend, then they schedule a test with a nearby third-party testing provider that allows those coming to the venue to be tested up to two days prior, helping minimize lengthy lines. The results of the Rapid Assurance Antigen tests are typically available within 15 minutes after the test is administered and are valid for up to 72 hours. Additionally, testing locations can be set up at the venue the day of the event, with enough paramedical professionals to assist in minimizing lengthy wait times.

Doug Cohen

Doug is responsible for working with the executive and business development team in bringing OZ's Salus solution to market. He leads OZ's business development efforts and is single-minded in finding ways to provide his clients with the right solutions to solve the challenges they face in dealing with the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

He has 20+ years of experience advising companies in the technology, professional services, and manufacturing space on business development, customer experience, and leadership best practices. Doug is the company’s spokesperson, and key point of contact for COVID-19 test manufacturers, having developed relationships with multiple international providers.

Previously, Doug was one of the founders of a company in the litigation consulting space, which grew over 17 years from three employees to over 300, and was successfully sold to a 55,000 employee public company. He is a frequent national speaker on business development, communications, customer experience, and leadership best practices.

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