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Often times we find our clients stand too closely to their processes, blinding them to trends and potential solutions that can produce ROI. Get a fresh set of eyes on your work to better your organization’s development by using OZ’s Analytics & AI expertise.

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Artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are merging and evolving in exciting ways. Facial, image and sentiment recognition, natural language processing, chatbots and intelligent scheduling — data analytics solve problems and enable you to determine your next best action, identify new revenue streams and manage cost and risk.

AI delivers capabilities that perceive the environment and take actions based on the goals that they are designed to meet, all while continuously improving their decision-making capabilities. OZ experts can help you set these intelligent agents in motion so that you can watch your ROI build on itself.

We leverage the power of machine learning, natural language processing, adaptive algorithms and hybrid integration to deliver smart solutions.

Sal Cardozo

Sal Cardozo is OZ's VP of Consulting, Analytics & AI. He has extensive experience in the vision, strategy, architecture, delivery and support of innovative and scalable analytics, AI and IoT solutions that transform the customer experience.

Prior to OZ, Sal led consulting efforts for Accenture, Cambridge Technology Partners, and Capgemini. He recently held leadership positions at ADT and Ryder. Sal earned his B.S. in computer systems and economics from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and is a member of TDWI and DAMA International.

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