Data Analytics in Intelligent Automation

Measure what matters more

Allow your organization to become agile and responsive by using data analytics to help you deal with cumbersome processes, non-integrated systems, and a decentralized operating environment.

Incorporate the best practices of the data analytics market in a way that adapts to your processes and technological approach.

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Our Consulting Services

Our team has sound knowledge of the Azure and AWS platforms. We incorporate the best practices of the data analytics and AI market in a way that adapts to your processes and technological approach. We help you modernize data and analytics to accelerate your digital ambitions. Transform products, empower people, optimize your operation and engage customers.

Data Analytics Offerings

Data Strategy

More than ever, the ability to manage endless amounts of data is critical to company's success. Our approach helps companies clarify the primary purpose of their data to support business goals - by addressing data security, privacy, integrity, quality, regulatory compliance and governance.

Develop your data vision in support of your business's goals. Our Strategic Value Modeler (SVM) tool will help to identify the most important initiatives at your company.

Data Migration to Cloud

Migrate your existing data sources to Azure or AWS and create a modern data platform that will help accelerate innovation, reduce costs, and provide real-time analytics; all while laying the foundation for more advanced machine learning & Artificial Intelligence use cases. We focus on what's important to your business not just technology.

Data Management

Keep your data is timely, reliable, and trusted by implementing the right architecture, controls, and processes you need to manage data as a critical enterprise asset.

We understand how data is created, how it flows, and how it's is used through your organization so you have a clear map to guide your data journey. We set up the controls and processes you need to manage such a critical enterprise asset.

Work with data you trust and present a single version of the truth is critical to accurate and trustworthy business insights and a pillar to digital transformation.

Data Visualization

Accelerate insight generation by enabling self-service analytics capabilities to end-users while maintaining security and protecting sensitive information.

Analytics and AI

Often times we find our clients stand too close to their processes, blinding them to trends and potential solutions that can bring value to the organization. Our team of analytics consultants and data scientists will help you realize the value of Analytics and Intelligent Automation. With these technologies, define the value and capabilities needed to integrate, activate, and incorporate intelligent, robotic, and autonomous capabilities. Ask us about our expertise in Azure and AWS analytics and AI services as well as Microsoft leading BI tools like Power BI.

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics strategy and roadmaps

  • Reporting and dashboard design and development

  • Predictive and prescriptive modeling

  • AI consulting services

Why Data Analytics?

  • You have data everywhere.

  • You have lots of data but very little business insight.

  • You want to apply data analytics to grow, protect, and optimize your business.

    • Overcome these business problems by using Intelligent Automation and Data Analytics to help your organization become information-driven where fact-based decision making is embedded into daily operations leading to better process outcomes.

Visualize Business Trends with Data Analytics

  • Where are you?

  • Where have you been?

  • Where should you go?

Take your data analytics to the next level by using intelligence to assemble a common view of your data. New opportunities and informed roadmaps are waiting to be discovered.

Go Beyond Maximizing Profits and ROI

Data Analytics takes you beyond statistical trends. They can provide opportunity for your organization to grow and differentiate from competition at an accelerated pace.

All paths to value require trusted and timely data and business driven analytics. Let us be your partner on that path so you can accelerate and improve efficiencies, unlock new revenue streams, and explore new business models.

Data Engineering

We are data analytics experts who offer the necessary functional support to ensure the success of your projects. Harness the value in understanding how to reflect your business vision in your data architecture, allowing you to discover insights and drive innovation on a solid foundation. Our certified consultants have hands-on experience with Microsoft on-premise solutions, hybrid data landscapes, Azure, and AWS database services.

  • Data migration

  • Data strategy

  • Data management consulting

  • Data services

Data Analytics Toolbox


As a Microsoft Gold Partner for 20+ years, OZ helps clients understand Microsoft software capabilities, add structure and efficiency to business processes, and create integrated applications. Our team bring a world-class combination of insight, innovation, technical knowledge, tools, methodologies and practices. Our experience covers Azure SQL, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Databricks, Azure Cognitive Services, Power BI, Azure HDInsight and Azure Data Lake.

AT OZ, we can migrate your existing data sources to Azure and create a modern data platform that will help accelerate innovation, reduce costs, and provide real-time analytics. All while laying the foundation for applied artificial Intelligence use cases. We focus on what’s important to your business not just technology.


If you are ready to accelerate cloud disruption with AWS, we are here to achieve success together. The cloud is more than a technology platform. It’s a catalyst for business transformation and growth. We'll work with you to define a cloud strategy, build a cloud roadmap, optimize your move to the cloud, and implement modern platforms that will help accelerate innovation, reduce costs, and provide real-time analytics. Wherever you are on your cloud journey, we bring innovation, passion, and sound technical and strategic expertise to data analytics & AI AWS projects.

We have 25+ accredited and certified AWS professionals.

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