Cloud & IT Services

Cloud services, strategic technical advice, IT Talent Studio, and cybersecurity consultation for forward-looking businesses seeking to harness the power of tomorrow—today.

Make the most of your technology

From maximizing current technology assets and keeping on top of the latest cybersecurity developments to facilitating cloud migration and integrating new technologies, holistic IT planning and management is critical to ensuring your hardware, software, and human resources are optimized and effective.

Leverage the Cloud to
Innovate and Accelerate.

Your head shouldn’t be in the clouds. Your business is another story.

Modernize your data and adopt cloud-based technology to…

  • Enhance and streamline communication within your organization and between partners
  • Reorient and optimize legacy software and systems toward current needs and goals
  • Mitigate data security risks and privacy compliance issues

Get on the fast track to the future

IT Planning &
Management Options

Whether you’re seeking fractional CIO, CTO, and CISO services or systems and solutions engineering to project management, OZ provides strategic technical advice and staff augmentation to help digital rollouts stay on—or under—budget as digital transformation propels your business forward.

Put our extensive IT management experience to work for your enterprise today as you accelerate from ideation to creation through product launch.

Fractional CIO, CTO, and CISO Services

Augment your organizational IT power at a fraction of the typical cost with fractional CIO, CTO, and CISO services, securing all the benefits of C-suite IT leadership and expertise.

PMO and Project Management

Upgrade and maintain project management standards across your organization with a Project Management Office (PMO) and project management specialists dedicated to helping you overcome challenges and find new opportunities.

IT Strategy, Planning, Initiative Prioritization & Critical Path

Ensure IT resources always focus in on the launch, success, and continued operation of highest-priority projects.

Tech Resources: Software Engineer, QA Analyst, UX/UI Designer

Expert UX and UI design, software engineering, and quality assurance to enhance brand-consistent customer experience across all apps and platforms.

Real World OZ Customer Success Stories

Cybersecurity and Assessment

Your digital transformation journey should be effective—but also safe. While modernizing within your enterprise’s digital systems and processes is critical, it can create significant vulnerabilities. Let the OZ team reduce risk and create better alignment between your own IT security professionals and the C-suite so you can have the peace of mind required for true innovation.

Prepare your business for smooth, secure modernization & innovation.

Schedule a strategic session with our expert to discuss your organization’s IT planning and management needs and see what unique solution we can bring to your business, tailor-made to suit your specific needs and your goals.