Enterprise Integration & Intelligent Automation

Proven methodologies, technology, and expertise to create harmony between internal and external systems while freeing up your workforce for higher-value deliverables.

Strategic Solutions for Complex Challenges

When your supply chain, customer relations, and other management systems are working in unison, your imagination and drive will take you to the height of organizational success.

Bring your SCM, CRM, ERP, and more together with guidance from OZ’s Enterprise Integration and Intelligent Automation experts.

What Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
Can Do For You

EAI integrates your internal and external applications to provide centralized reporting for an elevated customer experience.

Supply Chain
Management (SCM)​

Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP)

Connect and manage multiple systems seamlessly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Save money and increase effectiveness by leveraging leading technologies and best practices to create a framework around intelligently integrating vital systems.

The Benefits of EAI:

  • A seamless and improved Customer Experience (CX)
  • Better decisions-making across multiple communicative systems
  • Managing point-to-point integrations expedite productivity
  • Enhances transparency of financial flow
  • Improve supply chain disruption issues
  • Enables communication and functionality

Our Enterprise Integration Services

From EDI to flat files to proprietary connectors, OZ has extensive expertise in integrating enterprise applications necessary to help you incorporate or move to the cloud—quickly, efficiently, and at a time and place of your choosing.

API/Microservices Architecture & Implementation

After assessing your network’s readiness and compatibility for implementation, we’ll design and deliver extendable, reusable, secure, and discoverable API microservices architectures—unleashing the full and true potential of your IT team.

API Integration:

Create a robust API management workflow that connects applications and data across your organization—including API, EDI, HL7, B2B supply chain integration, and more.

B2B / Supply Chain

Securely integrate the information flow from customers, suppliers and partners to internal business systems for the speed, flexibility and agility.

Our Enterprise
Integration Toolbox


As a Microsoft Gold Partner for 20+ years, we enable clients to understand Microsoft software capabilities, add structure and efficiency to business processes, and create integrated applications.


As Mulesoft partners, we deliver Intelligently Automated solutions with speed and reliability to unlock the potential of enterprise data through cost-effective applications that accelerate the pace of innovation for our clients.


The WSO2 API management software allows us to efficiently design, deploy, and maintain APIs for our clients–providing them with an enterprise platform that eases the integration of APIs, web services, and applications.

Automation & AI augment and empower your workforce

Cognitively digitize unstructured data with intelligent workflow automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to reach goals faster and more efficiently while alleviating employees from mundane and repetitive tasks.

Cloud and On-Premise Integration and Data Synchronization

Make bolder plans and implement strategies to meet your business and customer needs. Ensure your IT resources are prioritized for successful launch and exponential growth.

Intelligent Workflow

We blend cutting-edge digital technologies including RPA, Advanced OCR, AI, Workflow Orchestration and Machine Learning  in a platform that offers a wide range of industry-specific, cross-functional automation solutions.

Process Discovery &
Process Mining

Devise a clear, actionable route from where your business is now and where you see it in the future with our experienced process discovery and mapping team and our suite of cutting-edge technology and proven strategies.

Operational Excellence, BPR, LEAN SIX SIGMA

Our business process implementation and consulting services provide you with actionable insights into the effectiveness of your day-to-day operations, management techniques, and IT systems. With OZ LeanPoint™, you have the tools to continue pushing your performance further and further.

UiPath: Our Automation &
AI Toolbox

Pair automation with AI and you’ve got a bot with a brain – a 24/7 workforce capable of processing data faster, more accurately and more efficiently. UiPath’s AI Center makes adding machine learning to automation workflows seamless and effective. Finish work faster by intelligently automating manual data processes and expand your business’ horizons while saving time and money.

Integration and automation solutions tailored to your business

Get a unique perspective from our experts to deliver the results your organization needs.