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Individually, Automation and AI have the power to overcome most automation obstacles. But together, these technologies have the brawns and the brains to intelligently automate any business process.

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Automation Offerings

Automation Technologies

Two major technology challenges faced by IT departments are bringing semi-structured and unstructured data into your system, and front-end integration where back-end channels may skip data validation rules.

OZ builds and implements self-trained bots using Intelligent Automation in your organization with advanced technologies such as optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR) and machine learning (ML) to solve both these problems.

Process Mining & Discovery

Optimize your business processes by using the data from your existing ERP and CRM systems to quickly identify any bottleneck or inefficiency of the business process.

With the help of process mining, you can identify the pain points of the process and focus on automating those areas for maximum ROI.

Our SMEs redesign and optimize processes within your company to achieve dramatic improvements in efficiency—helping you to gain a competitive advantage.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA implementation produces results independently and also works in conjunction with Process Mining and Discovery.

Once the analysis is complete, our teams work together to design and implement RPA bots, optimized to meet the specific needs of your company and its end users.

Next, we thoroughly test all possible scenarios during process execution.

When the solution is deployed, all bots are managed from one central hub.

Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent RPA bots work in the background, gathering documents from any channel (email, FTP location, or database), digitize them using OCR, then add document data into your database.

These bots learn over time using machine learning algorithms, and the entire process is managed by a web portal.

Hyper Automation

Accelerate digital transformation in your company and achieve positive ROI in weeks vs. months or years with Hyper Automation.

This automation framework leverages process mining analytics and custom bots that use a range of tools including Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Artificial Intelligence.

Automation Managed Services

For organizations that have already implemented RPA bots, OZ will refine the technology to include 24/7 autonomic monitoring, risk mitigation, expert incident management, and easy ticket system integration.

Complete Years of Work in Just Days

No one knows your company better than you do. Let’s use your current data to provide insight into your business needs and growth opportunities. From there, your daily tasks go uninterrupted as we create a customized Intelligent Automation solution behind the scenes.

Why Automation & AI?

  • You have unstructured data needing to be digitized cognitively.

  • Your employees spend time doing monotonous and repetitive work.

  • You need to increase the speed and accuracy of business, but don’t want to displace human workers.

Stop thinking that the most effective way to complete these tasks is by a human employee. Successful Intelligent Automation using AI is quickly proving to be the most cost-effective way to augment your workforce so they can focus on higher-value tasks.

Give Your Bot a Brain

Automation (the bot) can perform many processes alone, but coupled with AI (the brain), the solution is the intelligence that you are looking for. The power couple will complete tasks accurately and in less time. This 24/7 workforce increases compliance and lowers expenses while enhancing customer experiences.

Automation & AI Toolbox


UiPath's partnership has assisted OZ in multiple projects with tremendous success and has saved millions of dollars for clients by intelligently automating their manual work, allowing them to complete tasks in minutes instead of days. OZ has been empowered to help clients integrate their technology solutions and business processes with UiPath technologies.

UiPath's AI Center simplifies the addition of intelligence to typical automation projects and allows easy integration of Machine Learning models into the automation workflows. Data models designed with UiPath have the capability to intelligently develop as humans provide feedback to retrain the model.

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Imran Sabir
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