Technology Consulting for Startups

Leveraging the latest outcome-driven technologies and methodologies to address the unique, constantly evolving challenges modern startups face.

Is your startup ready to take on the world?

OZ can help. We’ll place the best-suited, most effective array of cutting-edge transformative tools at your disposal, from Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Business Intelligence to Microservices, Cloud, RPA & Intelligent Automation, Azure, AWS, and much more.

Let us provide a practical, actionable roadmap to integrating the latest best practices in your digital infrastructure so that you can focus your energy on what matters most — realizing your business vision.

Reinvent your industry, not the digital wheel.

With a dedicated team of certified technology consultants on your side, you don’t have to lower your ambitions or continually start from scratch.

  • Would you like to build a versatile, scalable digital foundation for your startup?
  • Or tap into powerful data analytics that can provide the key to greater efficiency, ROI, and competitive advantage?
  • Or build a secure, intuitive app to provide your services?
  • Or use intelligent document processing to cut down on manual data entry, reduce errors in document processing, and free up your workers to get more meaningful work done for your business?

OZ can empower you to accomplish more faster—and with less bottom line-devouring resources—than you previously imagined possible.

Build a responsive, intelligent, automated foundation for your business with OZ.

In the Age of Sail, those who knew the changing winds best were swiftest on the seas. Likewise, the key to a successful startup lies in seeking out those with the knowledge necessary to help you position yourself with the market wind at your back—and to help you change enterprise tack if necessary.

OZ deploys proven strategies, cutting-edge methodologies, and tailored expert services to give your startup the edge. We use a bespoke approach tailor-made for each of our clients so that your business gets exactly the unique solutions it needs to succeed in the ever-changing digital world, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Chart a course to startup success with our services and solutions: