Having issues moving contracts from your legacy system to XLPro?

Having issues moving contracts from your legacy system to XLPro?

Intelligent Automation Accelerators for XLPro move your legacy contracts from your old reinsurance system into DXC Technology's Global XLPro with ease.

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60 Days Vs. 7 Years: Major Insurer Saves Millions By Digitizing Legacy Data Into Global XLPro With Intelligent Automation Accelerators

A major property and casualty insurance and reinsurance company was having issues moving their legacy information to DXC's GLOBAL XLPro. Using two systems concurrently was not a viable option for the long-term growth of the organization.

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Intelligent Automation Accelerators for XLPro

Many of the companies we work with are experiencing the following challenges:

  • Running two systems – legacy and XLPro
  • Issues moving contracts from the legacy system over to XLPro
  • Staff is overworked supporting both systems
  • Not able to see the true picture because the data is in multiple systems

Think of how your business could grow if you had Intelligent Automation Accelerators for XLPro that moves your contracts from your legacy system into XLPro with ease and accuracy.
The question is HOW?

How do Intelligent Automation Accelerators for XLPro work?

We take your structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from your legacy system and transform it into structured data in your XLPro system. This gives you the ability to add modern analytics to create the information you need to drive real business decision-making.

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Our Approach: Analyze, Improve, & Migrate Framework

Each step in this process is customized to your modernization goals, allowing the legacy data to be transformed automatically into your new XLPro target environment.



A clear picture of your source and rules-based configuration allows your contracts to be precisely transferred.



Applying rules-based standards will improve accuracy and eliminate the effects of outdated concepts that don’t map to XLPro.



Our customized configuration and rules engine transforms the legacy data while preserving the original data and business rules into your XLPro environment.

How Do Intelligent Automation Accelerators For XLPro Work?

The Results

Ultimately, using Intelligent Automation Accelerators for XLPro saves you time and money while consolidating data into ONE system to accurately portray insights to make smarter business decisions.

Are you ready to move your legacy data into XLPro?

You not only deserve efficiency, but you need it to thrive and grow. Accelerate your legacy data with Intelligent Automation Accelerators for XLPro.

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