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Our Proven Methodology Helps a Top Pharmaceutical Company Champion Change


Client Overview The Medical Affairs team at a top 5 pharmaceutical company realized they needed to transition from a tactical to a strategic approach in their operations. They wanted a more comprehensive vision with specific team goals and metrics to accurately measure the effectiveness of their programs and decide where to focus their time, effort, […]

A Global Property & Casualty Insurance Company uses Intelligent Automation to Consolidate Data Sources

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Client Overview With multiple subsidiary companies operating in different regions around the world and multiple lines of business, this Fortune 500 commercial lines property and casualty insurance holding company required a robust solution to manage their diverse range of insurance products. Their domestic and international operating units used a variety of systems to manage […]

Wellness Company Fit as a Fiddle After Software Systems Overhaul


There’s nothing worse for the supply chain than having bad numbers, especially if you’re operating with warehouses around the country. “If you’re only right about inventory 99% of the time, it’s a disaster,” says Lester Thornhill, president and CEO of South Florida-based Life’s Abundance. That’s why Thornhill asked OZ to custom-build an inventory and warehouse […]

OZ’s Digital Innovation Services Drive Food Chain Restaurants Customer Experience (CX)

OZ transformed online scheduling and table management systems, streamlining internal workflows while enriching customer experience (CX). CX was further enhanced by integrating OLO (an online food ordering platform) into their website, fully automating the online ordering process and driving increased revenue per location. Client overview: An American restaurant chain with more than 55,000 employees in […]

OZ Drives Timeshare’s CX and $12 Million Net Income

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A nationally recognized Timeshare was missing revenue opportunities due to inefficient marketing technologies and the lack of a 360-degree view of their customer. Their sales and marketing stack included eight disparate sources that needed to be combined into one streamlined marketing, CRM and reporting system. OZ, using a design thinking approach, OZ increased revenue $1M […]

OZ Deploys New and Highly Efficient Licensing Platform Underpinned With CX new

Legacy System Integration Dashboard

The client’s licensing software, their main source of revenue, was out of support by its original vendor and their legacy system was outdated, requiring extensive updating. Any failure in processing its 53 million records would have catastrophic results for the client and their customers, who depend on their software. With a focus on the customer […]

Elevating Customer Experience With a POS Integration App

Cruise Line Automation

A large cruise line company wishes to provide an exceptional Customer Experience (CX) that will be enjoyable and memorable to more guests by opening up its private island to multiple ships. To expand the island to more guests and capitalize on revenue, the client wants to accommodate multiple ships docking on the island at once, […]

OZ Vaults AHHC Into the Cloud

Health Care Automation

Alternative Home Health Care (AHHC), which provides in-home care services to the elderly and patients with medical needs, was hampered by its legacy workflow. This company needed an end-to-end enterprise system that tracks every step of this process and seamlessly integrates payroll and accounting, including invoicing and caregiver payments. AHHC also required a web-based portal […]