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How to Leverage the Next Major Milestone on Humanity’s AI Journey

Microsoft Copilot Pro is a major milestone on humanity’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) journey. Of course, as a certified Microsoft solution partner, you’d expect OZ to take this position. (Contact us for a free consultation on how we can help you fully integrate and utilize Microsoft’s vast array of tools today.) But the news that Microsoft […]

Enhance Your Operational Efficiency & Stability Today

By Jason Milgram, SVP Azure Leader, OZ Digital In today’s business technology landscape, agility and efficiency in application development and deployment are more than operational benefits—they are essential to staying competitive. This is where Kubernetes and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) step into the spotlight. Kubernetes –- the open-source platform for managing containerized applications –- has […]

Actionable Steps to Achieve Greater Agility, Innovation, and Competitive Advantage

By Jason Milgram, SVP Azure Leader For business decision-makers, an Azure Stack proof-of-concept (POC) is an investment in certainty. It provides a sandbox to validate the business impact of Azure Stack, test theories, and evaluate performance without the commitment of a full-scale deployment. Through POCs, decision-makers can see the potential of Azure Stack in action […]

Leveraging Azure Stack: Cloud Scalability, Cost Management, and Digital Transformation

By Jason Milgram, SVP Azure Leader, OZ Digital  In an era during which cloud computing heralds the next wave of business innovation, Azure Stack stands out as a beacon for organizations looking to harness the power of the cloud while navigating the complexities of data sovereignty, compliance, and edge computing. Azure Stack is not simply […]

Agility and Security in Virtualization are Not Just Advantages, but Necessities

By Jason Milgram, SVP Practice Leader, OZ Digital Consulting As organizations grow and evolve, their needs for flexible, secure, and cost-effective remote desktop services (RDS) become increasingly paramount. Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services are the backbone of many organizations’ virtual desktop infrastructure. Now, however, with the advent of cloud computing, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) has emerged […]