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OZ Drives Timeshare’s CX and $12 Million Net Income

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A nationally recognized Timeshare was missing revenue opportunities due to inefficient marketing technologies and the lack of a 360-degree view of their customer. Their sales and marketing stack included eight disparate sources that needed to be combined into one streamlined marketing, CRM and reporting system.

OZ, using a design thinking approach, OZ increased revenue $1M per month by building a customized solution that converted more leads into opportunities, and empowered employees to enhance the customer experience and drive revenue.

Client overview:

This nationally recognized Timeshare, manages and markets a flexible, points-based, deeded vacation ownership program that connects over 200,000 owners with over 60 resorts in more than 40 popular destinations across the continental U.S. and the Caribbean.

Business needs:

With offices spread across multiple states, and disparate systems to collect and upload customer data, it was difficult for Marketing and Sales teams to properly handle, let alone nurture, qualified leads.

It was imperative for them to have up-to-date and accurate data so that their marketing team could target the most promising prospects and reclaim the time and money wasted on ineffective marketing. This would require consolidation and verification of all customer data in a single, integrated and unified application.

This Timeshare’s technology stack comprised eight separate internal and external systems to track different types of customer information. They sought the necessary expertise in digital technologies for Data Services, analytics utilizing Design Thinking, and an agile approach to consolidate data into a 360-degree view of the customer.

How OZ helped:

OZ created the unified platform through developing new Data Services and Intelligent Automation (IA) services, which streamlined data movement and the integration processes. This tied their existing CRM with other core systems, including its Aprimo Marketing Automation tool.

Processes were automated by extracting and standardizing data. The new system forced all data to be intelligently checked and verified upon being added to the CRM. Errors were recognized quickly and resolved through IA, and duplicate entries were merged, ensuring that each entry was accurate and unique. When it was time to market to a lead, it was easy for representatives to go straight to that prospect’s record. All the information about the lead was stored in a centralized location so they could have confidence that the data was correct and complete.

This analytics platform enabled the marketing team to keep their campaigns focused and targeted. Campaigns could be generated efficiently by identifying new revenue streams, while managing costs and risks, to drive profitable growth. OZ designed and built the solution from the ground up to unlock insightful data and drive powerful business outcomes.

Business Outcomes & ROI:

This unified platform has become the heart of the marketing department operations. OZ’s development of a new platform simplified the lead identification and nurturing process significantly. By only targeting prospects with the highest purchase propensity, marketing campaigns and their associated costs were significantly reduced, resulting in an improved customer experience, engagement and business impact.

• $1 million per month in ROI as the Timeshare reduced marketing costs and increased conversions
• Streamlined & automated operations
• Eliminated duplicate records and inaccurate information
• Regained lost leads
• Converted more leads into opportunities