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OZ’s Digital Innovation Services Drive Food Chain Restaurants Customer Experience (CX)

OZ transformed online scheduling and table management systems, streamlining internal workflows while enriching customer experience (CX).
CX was further enhanced by integrating OLO (an online food ordering platform) into their website, fully automating the online ordering process and driving increased revenue per location.

Client overview:

An American restaurant chain with more than 55,000 employees in over 700 restaurants in the U.S. and Canada, and a growing international footprint.

Business needs:

This restaurant needed to enhance its CX through a myriad of new and fully-integrated applications. They wanted to enable and automate online customer ordering utilizing OLO online ordering. In addition, wanted to integrate HotSchedules (an online employee scheduling SaaS platform) with their internal system to schedule shifts for staff members across all restaurants and enhance training materials. Finally, they sought to integrate their table management system to allow customers to see wait times for a table and make reservations online.

How OZ helped:

The integration of OLO was proving to be a challenge for this restaurant. A previous vendor had worked on the integration for over a year and a half without a successful outcome. OZ was able to successfully complete the integration and bring the first pilot restaurant to live in just over three months.
By taking an agile approach to the integration, OZ leveraged Design Thinking and Data Services to transform three key digital elements to drive Customer Experience (CX) and increase revenue, including:

  1. OLO with a full menu and price syncing for online ordering
  2. Table management for online reservations and seating choices
  3. HotSchedules for managing employee scheduling and training materials

Business Outcomes & ROI:

With the help of OZ, they have successfully transformed their CX across locations.

  • Customer meal consistency improved as chefs were able to view recipe videos online, providing a better CX across all 700 restaurants.
  • Business unit efficiencies were vastly increased, as were overall operations, via readily available training and customized workflows.
  • Online ordering, reservations, and table management were realized. This has led to shorter customer wait times and increased customer satisfaction.