Enterprise Integration in Intelligent Automation

Simple Solutions for Complex Connections

Establish connected experiences by integrating your organization’s internal and external applications to unlock and leverage information in a single, unified view.

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Here's what Integration can do for you

Eliminate your organization’s siloed systems and integrate your internal and external applications to provide centralized reporting and elevated Customer Experiences.

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP)

  • OZ has extensive experience in integrating the applications within enterprises using EDI, flat files, and proprietary connectors. If you are looking to integrate or move to the cloud, OZ integration expertise caters to all: on-premises, hybrid, or Cloud integrations.

Enterprise Application Integration Services


OZ has designed and delivered integration solutions using microservices architecture for clients in verticals like Insurance, Healthcare, Travel, Hospitality, and Retail.

APIs designed and delivered using microservices architecture are extendable, reusable, secure, and discoverable, increasing IT’s capacity to deliver and bring about Digital Transformation.

Consult with OZ and our strategic alliances to help choose the right platform for implementing your microservices architecture (e.g. Microsoft Azure, MuleSoft, BizTalk, and WSO2.)

API Management

Set up a robust API management workflow where we can help you design, develop, deploy, secure, monitor, and manage APIs that connect applications and data across your organization.

These APIs allow your enterprise to maintain security and compliance requirements while enjoying a unified management experience. This will allow you to govern APIs based on your microservices architecture regardless of where they are hosted.

  • OZ has extensive experience in managing APIs in MuleSoft Anypoint Cloud, On-Premises and Run Time Fabric (RTF) environments, and Azure API Management.

  • Clients who have hired OZ's consultants to design, deploy, and set up API Management exist in Insurance, Healthcare, Travel, Hospitality, and Retail.
API-led Connectivity

Take advantage of OZ’s vast experience in building APIs using API-led Connectivity strategies which connect data stores with applications through reusable and purposeful APIs.

App developers can discover and self-serve on reusable assets, creating the experience layer of APIs—and ultimately the end-applications—increasing IT’s capacity to deliver and develop extendable, secure, and reusable APIs.

  • We have designed robust networks of APIs using API-led Connectivity in Anypoint Platform and Anypoint Studio for Cloud, On-premises, and RTF infrastructures.

  • Clients who have hired OZ's consultants to apply the API-led Connectivity strategy for designing, developing, deploying, securing, monitoring, and managing the network of APIs exist in Insurance, Healthcare, Travel, Hospitality, and Retail.
CIAM Integration

With the help of OZ's consultants, simplify security implementations by integrating reliable and pre-established CIAM platforms. Save yourself the hassle of keeping up with industry standards and centralize your security gateways for seamless authentication and authorization experience for applications and assets across the organization.

  • OZ has integrated Okta and Auth0 for managing identity and access for a number of clients.

  • Experienced consultants can help you configure WSO2 Identity Server for access management purposes.
Business Workflow Automation

Implement business workflows using the latest cloud technologies, such as iPaaS, iSaaS, and IaaS.

Integration experts at OZ have implemented long running, synchronous, and asynchronous processes leveraging a given industry’s best practices and tools (i.e., Azure Logic Apps, MuleSoft, WSO2 and BizTalk). We hope to help you:

  • Implement Claim Processing for Health Insurance using EDI.

  • Establish Pharmacy Claim Processing using NCPDP D.0 format.

  • Integrate Health Management software like Athena Net, Express Scrips, etc. for Healthcare using HL7, FHIR.

  • Integrate pharmacy and dispensing systems to Surescripts for electronic prescription for control substances.
Cloud Migration

Moving an on-prem integration workflow to the cloud is a major part of a digital transformation initiative.

Our expert Integration consultants can help you reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) and deliver faster by leveraging their cloud migration process.


Accelerate an entire project lifecycle using Microsoft Azure DevOps.

We want to help you build and maintain backlogs and host your source code repositories. Continued integration capability makes your production releases seamless and accurate by defining delivery and testing workflows.

Why Enterprise Application Integration?

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) allows you to connect and manage multiple disparate systems seamlessly, efficiently, and cost effectively. To improve the connectivity of applications within an enterprise, leverage leading technologies and best practices to create a framework around intelligently integrating vital systems.

  • You want to provide seamless and improved Customer Experience (CX) to your employees and customers.

  • You are missing necessary facts to make informed decisions because you have multiple systems that do not talk to each other or share information.

  • You’re spending too much time and money trying to manage point-to-point integrations.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Integrating multiple internal and external systems in your organization using a mature EAI platform will simplify and automate business processes and help improve Customer Experience. Save yourself the time and money needed to write for point-to-point integrations that are cumbersome to manage and expensive to support. Develop a sound integration strategy to allow you to maintain multiple systems on an ongoing basis in a cost-effective manner.

Stay Connected For Your Customers

Provide connected experiences, empower employees to seamlessly access the right information, and introduce new applications to coexist with legacy apps.

Customer experience is a priority in every industry, and EAI is essential in providing a frictionless customer journey. Every customer is now connected with smart, always-on devices and real-time interactions. Connecting to customers requires a well-structured EAI strategy to unlock and leverage data in all internal systems.

Enterprise Application Integration Toolbox


As a Microsoft Gold Partner for 20+ years, OZ helps clients understand Microsoft software capabilities, add structure and efficiency to business processes, and create integrated applications. OZ's expertise is automating and improving business processes, and the intelligent delivery professionals we employ are experienced business and technology professionals who are experts at using cloud and on-premises platforms like Azure, Power BI, Logic Apps, and more to efficiently achieve any productive business goal.


With an increase in demand for automation and real-time information, speed and agility have become necessities. Your competitive advantage is measured by how quickly you can change and deliver value to your customers.

Since 2018, OZ and MuleSoft have partnered to help clients build applications that are fundamentally changing the pace of innovation and preparing them to have a "the future is now" mentality while creating solutions with speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Together, we build Intelligently Automated solutions that can adapt, evolve and result in new opportunities. With OZ's customer experience expertise and knowledge-base using MuleSoft solutions, we deliver new ways to unlock enterprise data to create the speed and agility needed to innovate any process.


WSO2 provides a variety of middleware products that help users simplify the development, management, sharing, and running of APIs. The WSO2 architecture allows OZ to focus on a common code base with completely open-source integration solutions. The WSO2 API management software allows us to efficiently design, deploy and maintain APIs for our clients and provides them with an enterprise platform that eases the integration of APIs, web services, and applications. OZ assists clients to use WSO2 products to develop and reuse components as well as manage integrations on-premise and in the cloud.

The WSO2 Identity Server is typically used for load and access management, making it possible for OZ and our clients to manage the identity, security, and privacy of each digital business. We use the Server to connect and control various identities across multiple client applications, their cloud, internet of things (IoT) devices, and APIs, regardless of the standards used by each platform.

OZ has 10 certifications from WSO2 as Certified Enterprise Integrator Developer - V7 - Micro Integrator and 10 more as WSO2 Certified Identity Server Developer - V5.

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